Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miracle Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy

Unbelievable as it may sound, scientific studies have shown recently that moms who eat certain types of food actually lose more weight than those who don't eat the same foods, all other factors being equal.

Science has proven that these foods would help you lose weight fast after pregnancy:


Beans are the preferred protein source for most dieters, as it contains a good mix of both carbohydrates and protein. Beans take longer to digest because of their high fiber content. This is a good thing, as it helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and also helps you stay full longer.

The true power of beans as a fat burner lies in their high fiber content. Dietary fiber is like a workout for the digestive system. It helps de-clog the system, and it also prevents your blood sugar level from rising too high. Always remember: go for plain beans. Baked beans and fried beans (sugary and fatty, respectively) can actually prevent you to lose weight fast after pregnancy, as it provides too many calories and carbs.

Skim Milk

Calcium is probably the most well-known metabolism booster. Studies have proven that calcium can help weight loss after giving birth. In a study, the test subjects were divided in two groups. Both groups did the same activities, but one group was given several servings of calcium more than the other group. The amazing result was that at the end of the test, the group that received extra calcium lost weight almost three times as much as the group that did not receive extra servings.

Calcium is abundant in vegetables like broccoli, but most people get their source from dairy products. Just make sure to choose products made from 2%, 1%, or fat-free milk, as these products give you the highest amount of calcium in as little calories as possible.

Green Tea

It's been widely known for many years now that green tea is the "miracle product" for dieters. Tea contains many antioxidants that can fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body. Its caffeine content is a mild stimulant that doesn't cause undue stress to the body. Tea is also a diuretic, which will help flush out retained fluid in the body.

Besides these, green tea has also shown properties as a fat burner. Tests results were encouraging: Drinking 4 to 6 cups of green tea each day could help you lose weight fast after pregnancy.

Drink Water to Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy

Though it doesn't contain any nutrients, water is still on the top list of "foods" that breaks down fat. Water lowers sodium levels to reduce bloating, it flushes retained fluid from the body, it promotes cell repair, and satisfies the appetite. In addition, water also keeps metabolism at optimum levels.

Both the kidney and the liver (the body's primary filtration centers) need water to function properly. The liver sometimes functions as a backup to the kidney, especially when the latter is deprived of water. But in performing a role as a filter, it becomes less efficient at its primary function - to burn stored fat for metabolism. So in order to maintain metabolism and fat-burning at optimal level, you should drink plenty of water.

For a diet overhaul, start eating these foods that burn fat. Add 64 ounces of pure water - and you'll be on your way to lose weight fast after pregnancy.

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