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Depression and Society

Many of the people we know and meet every day have experienced some kind of depression in their lives, it is not always the clinical and sever depression that we understand to be very dangerous and naturally dramatic in life events, a lot of people experience mild and sometimes passing phases of depression.

The understanding of how difficult it is to deal with depression once it hits is usually a part that is played only by those unfortunate enough to experience this mental condition, once a person realizes the effect a depression might have on a person they will immediately show great sympathy to anyone who is suffering any symptoms related to depression.

In our day and age it is very common to refer to medicine in almost any case of discomfort or disease, our society nurtures the feeling that for every physical or mental condition or disorder there is a chemical answer that sets things right, and that the materialism of human nature is once that takes care of itself. The case with depression is different, not saying that depression is not treated by medicine because it has been treated with many different kind of chemical solutions for the last few decades, but there are more ways to fight and beat depression, and many of these ways are not medicine related.

Many of the people who suffer depression in one part of their lives realize that this is a kind of condition that might return and hit them in later stages in life, this understanding makes depression patients seek answers that will have a significant effect throughout a long period of time. This is typical of people who suffered mild depression symptoms and overcame the depression with some psychological help and a lot of self work and efforts. Many want to keep living their life with a feeling that a non medical solution is available to keep depression from hitting again.

Help for depression is widely available in most of the world, the awareness to the dangers and destructive power of depression disorders have increased the efforts to help depression patients fight this condition, from traditional therapy to many new and modern approaches to physical activity and social connections, solutions that have been showing fairly good results in many cases and encourage depression patients to keep working on depression prevention instead of relaying on the easy use of chemicals.

The fact that depression can, in some mild and not clinical severe, be beaten and prevented on a regular basis using therapy and social connections, as well as physical exercise and workout routine, is very comforting for the many people who suffer mild depression around the world and that are not interested in developing any kind of dependency on chemicals and medicines for mental conditions. It is also said that the fact that depression patients are kept on a regular treatment and are aware of the reoccurring nature of depression phases is helping prevent and decrease the level of the depression frequency.

Are Maternity Support Socks Healthy For Pregnant Women?

You may have heard a lot of talk about maternity support tights. There is quite the buzz surrounding these particular stockings because of the fact that they are known to help pregnant women avoid varicose veins, unsightly, bulging veins that come to surface of the skin causing what looks like a purple, spiderweb-like pattern. This is something, of course that many women would like to avoid. Aside from keeping their legs looking smooth and youthful are there any real health benefits to wearing these support stockings?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. There are quite a few benefits to wearing these particular types of stockings but one that stands out above the rest as a all around total body health benefit. Maternity support stockings are well known for increasing blood circulation. Something that is very important to pregnant women, especially when the enter into their third trimester. It is important that oxygenated blood reaches all of the mother's vital organs as well as the baby.

Poor blood circulation can lead of over all bad health and that will directly effect the baby, of course. By compressing the legs, these tights will help stop gravity from pulling unnecessary amounts of blood to the lower extremities. This helps the heart pump more fresh blood to where it can be put to better use and where it is most needed. This is how something as simple as maternity support tights can greatly improve circulation and a pregnant woman's overall health. So you see, compression stocking do not only help with a woman's physical appearance but they can also be very helpful to her and her baby.

Wholesale Maternity Clothing - How to Buy Wholesale Maternity Clothes

A wholesale clothing business will be highly profitable if you concentrate on trading maternity clothing. You could make more money as the wholesale maternity clothing can be purchased at a low price and resold with a high margin.

The purchase of wholesale maternity clothing is made simple and easy these days. You need to check the following information before buying maternity clothes at wholesale. You have to look into online sales sites like eBay, Amazon and for wholesale maternity clothes as they are irresistible places to find products for unbelievable discounts. You can approach your local maternity shop and inquire whether you can buy maternity clothing directly from them at wholesale. You may get the link of their providers from them in some way or other.

If you are lucky enough to find a maternity store which is going to be closed soon, you can buy the products for a fantastic discount. You can also search for a nearby outlet shop, which sell branded products in a very low price than a retail store. They will also have business with other shops and personal contacts. You may get a chance to win a deal to buy wholesale maternity garments from such outlet. You should hunt for the customer care numbers of certain brands you need in the internet and locate them.

You can call the wholesale store houses that are specialized in maternity clothing by getting their contact numbers from websites. You can also search for factory seconds which are the articles of garments with minor flaws in them. Factory seconds are available in a diminished rate due to their hardly noticeable defects. Many shops sell factory seconds at wholesale rates to the customers. You can get great business from local maternity clothing manufacturers, when they expose their ground to buyers during their open days. Getting a sales tax ID number is very important. The sales tax Id number will permit you to buy directly from wholesalers who deny dealing with individuals.

Most of the pregnant women like to wear clothes which are specially designed for maternity period as they make them very comfortable and feel at ease. Their love towards maternity dresses will never go down even when they are no longer pregnant. The increased affinity of women towards maternity dresses has made the business people to set up many maternity garment stores of their own. The wholesale maternity clothing business enables even a small business man to save and earn more.

Do You Know The First Signs of Being Pregnant?

Along with a positive result and a missed period on an first diagnosis maternity test, there are several additional inform report early maternity symptoms and signs that will get the interest by leaving you asking yourself if you're expecting a baby. If you think that you are pregnant, make sure to get hold of your obstetrical health care professional immediately to be certain you get good prenatal health care.


1. From soreness inside your breasts in order to severe rounds of fatigue, as early as you get pregnant your whole body actually starts to go through numerous improvements. For many women, early morning illness, swollen and sensitive breasts, implantation blood loss and head pain will be the primary clue that they're pregnant. Some others can feel mood swings and backaches.


2. A number of women start to feel several earlier symptoms of pregnancy just before they actually miss a period or have a maternity test to verify their accusations. Because a few medicines, such as pursuits like consuming alcohol based drinks needs to be prevented while being pregnant, obtaining on these earlier symptoms of being pregnant prevents you against getting medicines or taking part in routines that can adversely impact your maternity.

Time Frame

3. Numerous early symptoms of pregnancy happen throughout 3 weeks of conceiving. Implantation bleeding may appear 6 to 12 days right after conceiving, morning illness 2 weeks soon after conceiving and breasts changes and severe exhaustion within the very first a week or two after conceptions has occurred.


4. A pregnancy is really dated from your 1st day of the past menstrual period. Regarding 14 days before the next period of time arrives, ovulation happens and at any time within twenty four hours of ovulation, conceiving can be done. If you are attempting to prevent pregnancy, don't have sexual intercourse the 7 days you anticipate to ovulate. If you're trying to get pregnant, arrange of getting sexual intercourse every second day throughout the week you predict ovulation.


5. Determining the alterations within your body as early maternity symptoms enables you to moderate your maternity faster. As early as you consider you may well be expecting a baby, you'll be ready (should you are not already) to consume healthful, consider prenatal nutritional vitamins, exercise and find out your obstetric care provider. You may also get rid of everything that you experienced that will harm you and your growing baby such as tobacco, drug use or being around toxic chemicals.

California Health Insurance - The Keys To Finding The Most Appropriate and Cost-Effect Plan

California's health insurance market has unveiled many cost-effective health insurance plans. With a little bit of research consumers can save a significant amount of money each year by securing the most appropriate health insurance plan for themselves, their families, and their employees. In the end, they might just have more positive feelings about California's health care system.

Despite the highly visible social action efforts taking place in Sacramento to heal our health care wounds, it is likely that big changes are still a while away from taking effect. So, in the next few years there is a lot that you as employers, individuals, and families can do to quell the negative reputation that the health care system gets and start making the insurance process work in our favor.

In this age of internet shopping, more and more people each year are purchasing their health insurance plans online without knowing which plans are most appropriate for them. Most choose the health insurance plan that has a low monthly premium, but later find that this plan doesn't fit their needs or the needs of their loved ones or workers. As a result, the costs can be much greater in the long run. Usually, the most appropriate health insurance plan will end up being the most cost-effective health insurance plan, even if it isn't the plan with the lowest monthly premium.

Finding the most appropriate and cost-effective health insurance plan can be accomplished through a few simple steps:

1) Contact a professional health insurance agent from a referral or call the agency that you find online

2) Ask the right questions:

a. What is the difference between a PPO and an HMO? Which one would benefit me the most?

b. What is a deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, maximum out-of-pocket limit?

c. If I have pre-existing conditions, how will that affect my family's rate and approval probability?

d. Should I sign up separately from my family?

e. Are there $0 deductible plans available? Would this be appropriate for me? Why? Why not?

f. If I get declined, what are my alternatives?

g. Which plans am I more likely to be approved or declined for?

3) Learn about the different types of health insurance plans in the market. This will only take a few moments to understand.

The following are a few great health insurance plans in the market that have very comprehensive coverage and can help you save money.

Cost-Effective PPO's

First Dollar Plans: These plans have a $0 deductible so the member is paying only a percentage (usually 40%) of the negotiated rate for services from the very start of the policy. First Dollar Plans normally carry a doctor's visit co-pay from $25 - $40. Such plans do not include maternity benefits*, which helps to keep the monthly premiums down.
*This may be a concern for women, but companies that carry these plans will often let you slide into their high deductible plan (~$5000 deductible) that includes maternity benefits should the member become pregnant.

These plans include different drug options to choose from...No Rx, Generic Only Rx, or Comprehensive Rx (Brand Name).

Some Popular First Dollar Plans in the Market include:

o Blue Cross Right Plan PPO 40

o Blue Shield Active Start 25 & 35

o Aetna MC Open Access 25

o Kaiser Permenente $25 & $50 Copayment Plan

o Health Net Simple Value 30 & 40

Medical/Dental/Vision Plans: These plans carry low deductibles that are often equal to their maximum out-of-pocket limits. They also include basic dental benefits and vision exams. These plans do not include maternity benefits and only include a Generic Drug option. Such plans are marketed toward the 19-29 age group, but these plans may be appropriate at any age.

Some Popular Medical/Dental/Vision Plans in the Market include:

o Blue Cross TONIK (has 3 different deductible options)
*TONIK has strict underwriting guidelines. It is advisable to consult your health insurance agent before applying.

o Blue Shield Essential Plans

Cost-Effective HMO's

Saver or Value HMO's: These plans provide the extremely comprehensive coverage of an HMO, but the addition of a deductible lowers the monthly premium. These plans still carry low co-pays. HMO's are a good option for women who are planning to become pregnant. The maximum-out-of pocket limit is normally significantly lower than a PPO. When the math is done to equate the difference in total spending one may get more for the money with a Saver or Value HMO.

Some Popular HMO Plans in the Market include:

o Blue Cross Saver HMO

o Blue Shield Access Value

HSA Plans

Health Savings Account Plans: These plans are tax incentive health insurance plans that are growing in supply and popularity every year. Many HSA plans lack co-pays, so general coverage does not start until the deductible is met. This often lowers the cost of the monthly premium which makes these plans enticing at first glance.

Your accountant may recommend an HSA health plan because of its tax advantages. When you open a Health Savings Account through a compatible health insurance plan it allows you to put money away (up to $2850 per year now) tax free. This money can accumulate interest and can be used to pay for your medical services and Medicare premiums (when the time comes) with the use of a debit card that is authorized only for these uses. Also important, your accumulated funds and interest will rollover year to year.

Blue Cross Lumenos Plans are designed to encourage preventative care. They cover Annual Physical Exams, OB-GYN Exams, and Well Baby Care at 100%.

Some Popular HSA-Compatible Plans in the Market include:

o Blue Cross Lumenos HSA plans

o Blue Shield Shield Spectrum Savings Plans

o Aetna MC Open Access HSA Plans

o Health Net Simple Choice HSA

Becoming educated about the health insurance market is not as daunting, as difficult, or as time consuming as most of us are afraid of. In fact, a trustworthy and professional health insurance agent will be able to help you narrow down your choices so that you may choose the most appropriate plans for you, your family, or your employees in just a few minutes.

The next time you are searching for health insurance in California, please take the above suggestions to heart. Asking the right questions will make you a more proactive, educated, and responsible consumer and the knowledge that you gain will not only help you to find the right health insurance plan, but will relieve you from future aggravation and will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

By Erin Fish


EMF Insurance Agency, Inc.

(866) 601-8790

Already Pregnant and No Health Insurance? - 7 Things You Can Try

If you are already pregnant, but have no health insurance you are in a tough spot. Health insurance companies consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition, and you may find it very hard to find the coverage you need. There are seven things you can try that may help you get coverage, or lower your costs.

Pregnancy a Pre-existing Condition

Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. Most insurance carriers will not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. You may find it very difficult to get the medical care you and your baby will need. Follow these seven tips to either get coverage and/or lower your costs.

Seven Tips to Get Coverage and Cut Costs

1 -Know your insurance rules. Many states have laws that require insurers to cover your pregnancy if you can show no gaps in coverage of three months or more. Provide your new insurer with a "certificate of credible coverage" demonstrating you had coverage in the past. These laws are designed to protect you from interruptions due to job loss, etc.

2 - Medicaid is a state and federal program that pays for some health services for certain low-income pregnant women, and children. Contact your state department of insurance for more details.

3 - Charity care is available through many hospital systems for people who meet income guidelines. Contact your local hospital system to apply for coverage.

4 - State short term disability will replace a portion of your income during your maternity leave, and if complications cause you to miss additional time from work. Only five states have this coverage in force.

5 - Discount medical plans are not insurance, but you may be able to reduce your medical costs by using one of these plans.

6 - Alternative medical treatments such as birthing centers or midwives may be less expensive than a hospital stay.

7 - Flexible spending accounts can be used for your un-reimbursed medical expenses and lower the amount you pay in taxes.

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A Guide For Pregnancy Induced Dry Hair

Bad hair days are frustrating at the best of times but the unpredictability of your hair during pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride. For many women they experience the best hair of their lives while others seem to go through torture. One of the biggest problems for many pregnant moms to be is dry or brittle hair do not fret there are tips and tricks to help.

Before we discuss hair care tips you need to rule out diet deficiencies. It is important to realize that your hair is really an extension of your skin, therefore the roots which are alive and well need the proper nourishment in order to stay healthy and strong. A deficiency in iron, iodine or certain proteins can cause hair to become dry or brittle and in extreme cases may lead to hair loss. Your doctor should be able to determine if you fall into this category.

If nutrient concerns have been ruled out and you are just one of the women that are doomed to dry hair during your pregnancy there are steps you can take to combat your brittle locks that will not harm your body. There is not complete consensus about what and how much chemical can penetrate your scalp and enter your blood stream. Therefore many find it quite acceptable to use the same products that you would normally use to treat and condition your hair.

If you prefer to use natural products there are many effective options that are safe for you and your baby.

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax which is harvested from seeds found in the fruit of the perennial woody shrub. An interesting characteristic of jojoba oil is its similar chemical make up to sebum. Sebum is the oil or wax that the skin produces to provide protection and lubrication. This similarity makes jojoba very effective in the treatment of many skin conditions as well as successful hair applications.

Natural jojoba is a tonic, emollient and moisturizer and can be found in many products. Jojoba and jojoba products can act as a moisturizer for your hair and scalp as well as provide protection by adding a protective layer to your hair shaft. Jojoba will seal in the moisture and add a healthy glow to your hair.

Coconut milk is another safe ingredient that can be used on your hair while you are pregnant. You can either purchase hair care products that contain the coconut milk in them or you can just use the real coconut milk right at home. The milk of the coconut will moisturize your hair and leave it looking shiny and smooth.

Some additional tips for general maintenance include, do not over brush your hair as this will add to the breakage if your hair is brittle. Try to shampoo less often, go a couple days if possible between washings. When you are able let your hair dry naturally. Use curling iron, flat iron and excess products only when necessary. Use warm water to shower and bath not hot. Above all remember to focus on proper diet and exercise.

Want to Get Pregnant? Here's How

Have you and your partner decided that you want to get pregnant? It's an exciting decision, but not always simple to achieve. If you and your partner have been having unprotected sex without conceiving a baby, it is possible that you will need some help. For young couples, the American Association of Reproductive Medicine advises seeking professional help after one year. For couples over 35 years old, having a thorough checkup after three months is prudent.

Where Should I Go For Help?

There are many options when choosing which health care provider will best suit your needs. Most couples start with their gynecologist or obstetrician. These doctors are experts in handling female reproductive problems with the latest drugs and medical procedures. A common mistake is assuming that the woman is responsible for infertility. On the contrary, low sperm count, poor motility & inability to fertilize the egg will drastically decrease the chances of getting pregnant. If you want to get pregnant, relying on a gynecologist will not be enough.

What Other Options Are There?

The extremely focused field of study that gynecologists received in school can be a double edged blade, making it difficult for them to see infertility as part of the whole. Many times, conditions making it difficult to conceive or stay pregnant are symptoms of larger problems. Naturopathy is another option that you may wish to consider if you want to get pregnant. Naturopaths are equivalent to medical doctors with a four year post-graduate degree. They are legal everywhere in the United States and some states have begun to issue licensing. A naturopath can evaluate your family's needs, determining whether the infertility is part of a larger problem, and help you to resolve any health concerns that may be hindering the process.

3 Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

When you want to get pregnant, there are many things you can do before scheduling the appointments to get help. Here are a few tips for ways that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

1. Most couples are able to get pregnant without any knowledge of the reproductive system. Once infertility complicates matters, though, even having a basic understanding of how pregnancy occurs will help. Eggs and sperm have limited viability, so timing intercourse properly is helpful. Learn to watch for signs of fertile cervical fluid and charting basal body temperature (BBT). If you need to get help, bringing the charts along will help your health care provider to properly diagnose the problem. The best book currently available is called Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. The author, Toni Wechsler, also has an inexpensive online service that will store and interpret the data for you, telling you the optimal days for trying to conceive.

2. Fertility in both men and women is affected by being physically fit. It isn't necessary to be the perfect size when you want to get pregnant, but weight does matter. Being underweight can cause ovulation to cease and obesity can cause problems with the embryo's implantation. Even the man's weight matters. Obese and underweight men have lower sperm counts than men in a healthy weight range.

3. Stress matters when you want to get pregnant. Stress has been shown to repress ovulation and alter the length of the menstrual cycle. There are some studies suggesting that stress can cause malformed sperm production or low sperm count. Cortisol, the hormone released in stressful situations, will affect production of other hormones. It may be difficult to sustain pregnancy past the first trimester during extreme stress.

When you want to get pregnant, there are lots of things you can do to make it happen faster. Take the time to work on getting fit, eating a well balanced diet and exercising. Losing or gaining a few pounds might help, but not at the expense of eating nutritious food. Chart your temperatures and if you end up needing to see a health care provider, this information will prove invaluable. Before you know it, you will be holding a baby of your own.

Maternity Pantyhose - A Must for Prenatal Care

Though it is irrefutable that the feelings that come with motherhood are simply way too overwhelming to put in words, it is also a bitter truth that prenatal care can prove to be a great challenge to those who aren't prepared enough. Out of the several health concerns surrounding the period of pregnancy, one of the most commonly found issue is pooling of blood in the lower limbs of the expecting mother. In such cases, blood starts accumulating in the legs of the mother, giving birth to problems such as edema, ache, sores, and the likes. However, by using maternity pantyhose during the period of pregnancy, pooling of blood can be greatly curbed.

The reason behind the pooling of blood in the legs of the individual affected is the inability of the veins to carry the oxidized blood back to the heart for reprocessing. This may happen due to many reasons with some of the most common ones being high cholesterol level and improper functioning of the heart. If the cholesterol level rises beyond a certain limit, the body becomes incapable of processing it completely. In such cases, the excessive cholesterol starts depositing on the interior walls of the veins, restricting the flow of blood, and causing pooling. In cases involving heart conditions, insufficient blood pressure is responsible for the development of this condition.

Now, when we talk about the period of pregnancy, both the aforesaid conditions may easily arise. As a matter of fact, irregular blood pressure is the most common issue associated with pregnancy. By wearing maternity pantyhose, the wearer is able to keep the veins of their legs under uniform pressure aimed at promoting the flow of blood. Since the veins are always under a certain level of pressure, they are able to offer the pressure of blood required to send oxidized blood back to the heart; this way, using maternity pantyhose curbs pooling of blood while safeguarding expecting mothers from the development of this condition.

In addition to maternity pantyhose, you can also go for compression sock to deal with the problem. Using compression socks is ideal if the problem is limited to the person's feet. Just like compression pantyhose, compression socks also provide a uniform pressure on the feet to promote the flow of blood and address pooling of blood. However, as already stated these socks are recommended only if the problem is limited to the feet; if the problem is visible over the ankles, it is recommended that you go for a compression pantyhose.

Top 10 Essentials - Newborn Baby Clothing

Having a new baby is such an exciting time. There is also much to organize, prepare for, learn about, and of course buy.

Yes, there will certainly be many items you will need to purchase for your newborn. And of course shopping for newborn baby clothing is by far one of the most enjoyable and most fun.

Anticipating the arrival of your new baby is exciting enough but visualizing your little bundle of joy in the adorable little outfits you have for them makes it even more exciting!

Obviously depending on what season your baby is born in will dictate exactly what you will need here is a basic list of essential newborn baby clothing and items you will need:

1. Jumpsuits - they are so comfortable and practical, easy to change nappies
2. Singlets - in hot or cold whether
3. Booties - especially in winter
4. Mittens - sounds crazy, but newborns tend to rub their faces and sharp little nails can scratch, nails aren't meant to be trimmed as a newborn
5. Wraps - for wrapping for sleep
6. A good nappy - whether you go cloth or disposable a good nappy can make the difference between good sleep or broken sleep
7. Slings - especially if unsettled, keeps baby close, and you still have your hands free to do things
8. Sleeping bag - perfect if your baby kicks the covers off, you know they will still be warm
9. Sheepskin - for sleeping or so baby can lay on the floor at home, friends and family
10. A great baby bag - an absolute must!

Having the essentials hopefully will assist make your life as a new parent a little bit easier by starting off with the right items.

With so much available both in shops and online stores it's hard to know where to start. It's important to find newborn baby clothing stores that have a good variety with the essentials, without having overwhelming amounts of clothes and products to go through.

Sound information and advice on a range of newborn baby products and services are good to utilize also. There are sites that offer all these things; the newborn baby clothing, product and service information, free baby sample bags, baby equipment such as baby prams, furniture, d矇cor, baby bags, advice and information on breastfeeding, postnatal depression and general baby information.

Remember to take good care of yourself and have lots of fun shopping.

Pregnancy After Miscarriage Anxiety: Are You Ready?

Learn How To Overcome Pregnancy After Miscarriage Anxiety

Suggestion #1 - Nutritional Vitamins & Diet:

Soon after your miscarriage it is necessary you continue to keep taking your prenatal vitamin supplements particularly if you want to get pregnant again. You must also make sure that your eating habits is nutritious and has plenty of fresh fruits and nutritional fibre, grain, nut products, low fat protein, veggies, milk, and so forth. Stay away from alcohol consumption and caffeinated drinks such as, caffeine, carbonated drinks, energy products etc. Get rid of things like cigarette smoking and using tobacco entirely if you are trying to get pregnant again.

Suggestion #2 - Workout Routine:

Working out is a great way to get over pregnancy after miscarriage anxiety.The moment your medical provider gives the thumbs up, you can start your regular workout again. You'll need to put your body in a nicely toned condition when preparing for a baby right after miscarriage. You should strive for strength-training workout routines that you'll complete at least 2 times each week. You should also carry out half an hour of cardiovascular exercise no less than Five days in a week. You should also do relaxation exercise sessions like yoga exercise or relaxation if you're completely burned out. Stop workout routines that creates discomfort and don't forget to relax.

Suggestion #3 - Change Doctors:

This isn't required and could, actually, be unneeded, but if you think a necessity to switch physicians for your upcoming maternity, you will want to start looking for one at the moment. You can make an online search for critiques about physicians close to you, or you might enquire about an OBGYN. Advice from your co-workers, close friends and even other people can help you manage pregnancy after miscarriage anxiety attacks. Arrange a consultation to meet up with possible prospects once you've a couple of referrals; this will enable you to choose which one helps make you feel the most comfortably.

Suggestion #4 - Look Into Any Health Issues:

You should deal with any medical issues which may be a cause to your miscarriage; these can include tests, immunizations and treatment options which your medical provider might advise. If you want to, it's also advisable to get the pearly white's cleansed and handle other dental care issues. Study shows that a few of the reasons for maternity problems matched to gum diseases.

Suggestion #5 - Prepare Emotionally:

This by far is among the most critical one of all when addressing pregnancy after miscarriage anxiety; you have to be certain that you're psychologically ready for the next pregnant state following miscarriage. This really is because there are emotionally charged good and bad feelings associated with a miscarriage, and you need to allow yourself time to grieve prior to starting another pregnancy journey. You need to make sure that you have family and friends surrounding you that are encouraging and whom you can speak to. Additionally you can sign up for a help group on the internet or one in your area - you must steer clear of bottling up all those emotions; you have to let it out. If you have addressed these issues then you are ready to handle pregnancy after miscarriage anxiety.

Thyroid Secrets Revealed

Did you know that thyroid disease can cause unexplained weight gain and fatigue? It can also cause depression, hair loss, anxiety, dry skin and poor memory. When tested randomly, at least 10% of adults are found to have thyroid disease.

The funny thing is, many with typical symptoms of a thyroid disorder are tested and found to have 'normal' thyroid function. Furthermore many being treated for thyroid disease still have many of the symptoms remain.

Why is it that so many people who have symptoms are not diagnosed? And why are many individuals who are diagnosed with thyroid disease and receiving treatment not feeling better?

Simply put, the shortcoming is in the "normal range" numbers of the thyroid tests that most doctors rely on. Laboratory ranges can be determined by consensus of experts or by simply averaging scores.

For blood sugar levels, for example, panels of researchers review glucose levels in people who have become diabetic and compared it to what their blood sugar levels were in the years preceding their diagnosis. Those whose morning fasting blood sugar levels are under 99 were found to have lower rates of becoming diabetic. Therefore 99 is considered the upper limit of the "normal range".

For thyroid disease the ranges are simply averages. What this means is that a lab will review 10,000 scores from a thyroid test and create a high and low range based on this group. The low range is the lowest 2.5% of scores and high range is the highest 2.5%.

The problem with this method is that these normal values are only reflective of whomever is being tested. Who gets a thyroid test done? Primarily two groups: those known to have thyroid disease and those suspected of having it. These two groups should not be expected to have the same thyroid blood levels as those with optimal thyroid function, yet this is the assumption inherent in the normal ranges.

So what is the solution? If you or someone you love has symptoms of thyroid disease, such as weight they can't lose or unexplained fatigue and depression, don't give up when the family doctor runs a test, then says everything is fine. Push harder and work with a doctor who will listen and understands the shortcomings of relying only on test reference ranges.

Whether you have thyroid disease or not, here are a few easy steps everyone can take to improve your thyroid function:

1. Get the Right Amount of Iodine. This is easy, you know the little girl with the umbrella on your salt? You want iodized salt for use at home. Sea salt can also be found in iodized forms. All the extra salt we get in processed foods and at restaurants has no iodine. Eat seafood, any kind helps. Have some seaweed every now and then like Nori found on sushi. Take a multi that contains about 100 mcg of iodine. Avoid very high doses of iodine found in kelp and iodine supplements. Too much is as bad or worse than too little.

2. Minimize Mercury. Seafood is great but be aware of high-mercury seafood. The biggest no-no is don't eat tuna daily. The most complete current data is from the FDA: Avoid mercury amalgams. Getting new fillings? Get porcelain or ceramic. Got old ones that the dentist says should go? Get them out and ask us about ways to detox.

3. Avoid Perchlorate. This is a toxic by product from rocket and jet fuels. It also forms spontaneously in the arid Southwest soil and ends up in our water. We absorb it from our skin and intestines. Once in our bodies it prevents our thyroid glands from absorbing iodine. Solutions: drink purified water only, not tap water. Ideally use a filter for your shower also.

In the case of suspected thyroid disease or any other symptom, never assume that you need to suffer. Educate yourself and take action. You deserve to feel your best!

(c) 2009 - Integrative Health Care, PC

Child Birth - Be an Informed Mother About Birthing Issues

In today's society of advanced medical technology, it is important for women to make informed decisions concerning the birth of their child. Many women have been convinced that things like induction, epidurals and fetal heart monitors are necessary for a healthy birth experience. But what most women do not know is that they have a right to refuse any intervention. Consent forms can be legally modified at the time of signing. Deleting statements and even refusing to sign consents for treatment are well within a patients' rights. Verbal expressions of refusal are considered legitimate and any expression of preferences must be acknowledged. All the risks, benefits and consequences for treatment must be explained in detail by law.

The cesarean rate in the United States is increasing at an alarming pace. The latest CDC statistics show that 31.8 percent of all births are by cesarean. Most patients are not consulted or given access to information concerning the decision for this surgical procedure. Over half the mothers who have repeat cesareans are not given information that would allow them to make an educated decision. The authoritarian model of health care is considered the norm and women who question their doctors are often labeled as radical and uncooperative.

Education is the key to understanding the risks associated with common pregnancy, labor and birth interventions. Making decisions based on information gained through multiple sources is vital to understanding the benefits and risks associated with many pervasive measures. The use of alternate healthcare professionals such as midwives and doulas can also increase the likelihood of an intervention-free birth experience.

Making a birth plan can assist caregivers in understanding the desires of an informed mother. Although not a legal document, it can help those caring for and assisting in the birth to understand the wants and needs of the mother. Certain procedures, such as eye drops for the infant, might be required by law. But other things, like the timing of cutting the cord, are preference issues that can be accommodated.

Intervention rates vary by community and facility. Alternative birth facilities and care providers are an option to consider. Birth centers and home births are becoming more prevalent. These types of services are less likely to intervene in a low risk pregnancy and birth.

The birth philosophy of healthcare providers in often difficult to discern. One free resource to consult is the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. This consumer rated web site provides information on over 17,500 providers and 6,500 facilities. The overall impact to mother and infant health depends on the quality of maternity care. Being an informed healthcare consumer is vital to experiencing an intervention-free labor and delivery.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

8 Options For Tubal Reversal Funding

Why would a woman and her partner be looking for tubal reversal funding? Most women who have a tubal ligation performed consider it to be a final form of sterilization. They don't plan to ever have any additional children, so they have their tubes tied in an effort to prevent that from happening.

However, some women later regret the decision because their life circumstances change or they simply change their mind. In these cases, these women might decide to have a reversal surgery done. As with any medical procedure that isn't covered under insurance, a woman must budget to have this procedure completed. This is where the question of tubal reversal funding comes into play.

There are only a few doctors throughout the United States who do tubal reversal surgeries on anything like a consistent schedule meaning every week. These reversals are typically a lot more affordable than having in vitro fertilization done, for instance.

With in vitro, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000-$12,000 per cycle. That's the average and many times a cycle can cost lots more. In other words, if the woman doesn't get pregnant during the initial cycle of in vitro fertilization, then she would have to pay for additional cycles. Plus, she could only be successful in the months that she has IVF done.

On the other hand, the surgery to untie her tubes would give a woman the ability to get pregnant in any month that she decides to try. This is a permanent reversal, so there would be no need for extra hormone injections or paying additional funds to continue trying to conceive every time you want to try. And on average you will try and try again.

Most insurance providers do not cover tubal reversal surgery because it is an elective procedure. However, a very few will cover it or parts of it (this is option #1).

Therefore, it's important to first check with your insurance provider to see if you have any out of network coverage. Some insurance companies may pay a portion of the surgery or some of the necessary preparations while others will not pay one penny of it. Because it is not considered to be a necessity, many insurance providers will simply decline the claim. Know which before your surgery.

Tubal reversal funding is really a personal choice. While you can expect to pay less than $7000 for the procedure with the top notch surgeon in the country, that is still a substantial amount of money for many people.

One thing you can do is to speak with your surgeon's office to find out what options are available through them when it comes to financing the procedure. Many times, they will have payment plans available (option #2).

Also there are the tried and true methods of just opening a savings account to save for your operation (option #3), putting the surgery on a credit card (option #4), using your income tax refund if large enough (option #5), or taking out some type of loan for the surgery (option #6). One other form of tubal reversal funding is a specific medical loan which some companies provide (option #7 as it varies from commonly thought of loans and most people don't even know medical loans exist).

One more option for financing your operation is finding and applying for a grant (option #8). Most of the organizations providing such grants are faith based which means you will most likely need to adhere to some specific guidelines.

So while insurance probably won't cover your surgery leaving you to come up with some other form of tubal reversal funding, there are several options available. The 8 options above range from the immediate of the credit card to the midterm of getting a loan, medical or otherwise, to the long term of saving for the surgery. Which you choose is up to you and your situation.

Genetic Enhancement, Autonomy, and Society

Prenatal and postnatal genetic enhancement may ultimately result in a post-human society. These techniques remain in the science fiction realm for the foreseeable future, but a consideration of their implications is critically important for our ability to successfully manage their impact.

What might be good concerning genetic enhancement and what might be not so good? In the early going there would be questions of distributive justice. As the procedures would be costly in the initial period of availability, the rich would get richer. One solution could involve government subsidies for those who are economically disadvantaged.

As a taxpayer, I'd resist such use of my contributions to federal coffers. Possibly the government could subsidize a select number of procedures for the entire population, and a lottery would determine the lucky families. At least, this would be a more equitable use of these new technologies.

I'll level the playing field and create a scenario in which any family can afford genetic enhancement. Is the autonomy of the enhanced child affected? On one view, as this child is the one actually born, she can have no complaints regarding autonomy, at least with respect to her enhanced genetic sequence. She's alive, and this is only a bad thing in the extremely unlikely circumstance that her life is not worth living.

Similar views have been propounded by Robertson in his discussion of early IVF techniques: "Since offspring would have had no alternative route to a healthy birth, embryo transfer... would not harm offspring, and therefore could not be banned on that basis."1

The child's autonomy would be affected by parents who attempt to limit their offspring's choices. But a child's autonomy is never that of an adult. A child's choices are always limited. A proportion of parents who choose genetic enhancement will be smart parents who have upgraded their child's opportunities and provide the space for their child to make her own choices (within the boundaries of being a child). Another group of parents will attempt to force choices upon their child. I assert this would occur regardless of the availability of genetic enhancement.

Such genetic manipulation could provide great value. I would have enjoyed being able to run faster and jump higher. What if we could be able to breathe underwater? Such an enhancement would be greatly appreciated by many. What if we could read a 400-page book in an hour? I'd like to be able to do that, too.

But considering how much progress has been achieved in the last 50 years regarding the treatment of cancer (literally zero), such genetic breakthroughs are at least 100 years away. Regardless, a forward-thinking society would have its ethical constructs in place in advance of the technology.

1 Robertson JA: The new reproduction. Southern Cal Law Rev 59:987-1000, 1986

Does Your Group Health Plan Cover Pregnancy for Your Adult Child?

Many parents were extremely happy when the health-care overhaul allowed their adult children to be covered under their health plans until their child reaches the age of 26. This includes if they're married, living on their own and financially independent.

With an estimated 2.8 million women ages 15 through 25 getting pregnant annually, this expanded coverage window means that more adult children will likely become pregnant while on mom and dad's plan.

Some parents have been in for a shock when they find out that this coverage does not include their daughter's pregnancy.

A big misconception

Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, employers offering group health plans to 15 or more employees must provide maternity benefits for employees and their spouses.

However, they are not required to extend this benefit for those employee's dependents.

What must be covered by some plans

New plans and plans that have lost their "grandfathered" status have a different set of rules they must abide by.

While the pregnancy and delivery itself are not covered, by law certain preventative health benefits must be offered to young pregnant women covered under their parent's plan.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force stipulates that a range of screenings for pregnant women - including those for anemia, hepatitis B and Rh incompatibility - must be covered.

Additionally, effective this month these plans must also provide an annual well-woman visit, screening for gestational diabetes and breast-feeding support, supplies and counseling.

The future

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires that health insurance plans sold to individuals and small businesses provide a minimum package of services in 10 categories called "essential health benefits." These include hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, ambulatory care, and prescription drugs.

As a result, starting in 2014, maternity and newborn care must be offered by all health plans in the individual and small-group markets.

This law will also apply to any plans sold through the state-based health insurance exchanges that should be up and running then.

Who does the new law not apply to?

Because health benefits at large companies are typically more comprehensive than those at small companies or individual plans, large group plans are exempt from the requirement to provide the essential health benefits, now or in 2014.

Women's health advocates are hoping that large companies will offer these essential health benefits, including maternity and newborn care voluntarily.

Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will not be establishing a national standard. Rather, they have decided to allow each state to choose from a set of plans to serve as the benchmark plan in their state. Whatever benefits that plan covers in the 10 categories will be deemed the essential benefits for plans in the state.

This may or may not include maternity and newborn care.

Top Doctors Reveal Why Dha During Pregnancy is Highly Recommended

The topic of DHA during pregnancy has recently become an area of great interest for scientists and doctors. DHA, as you might know, is a type of omega 3 fatty acid that is commonly found in fish oil. DHA is also found within every cell in our body and is crucial for the proper functioning and development of the eyes, brains and the central nervous system.

When it was discovered exactly how vital a role DHA plays in the physical and cognitive development of infants, scientists soon asked the question of whether supplementing the mother's diet with DHA during pregnancy would help the baby in any way. Research conducted in this area revealed not only that taking DHA while pregnant was essential for the healthy development of the infant, but also that most pregnant women do not get the recommended amount.

Other studies and articles published in Pediatrics journals show that children whose mothers took supplements of DHA while pregnant score higher on intelligence test compared to children whose mothers did not. They also displayed longer attention spans, better cognitive and motor skills and IQs of up to 10 points higher than other children.

Deficiencies of DHA during pregnancy can inhibit the cognitive development of your fetus, leading to visual impairment and numerous other health complications. From the mother's perspective, lack of DHA consumption while pregnant can also increase the risk of premature delivery and postpartum depression.

If you are an expecting mother, including a supplement of DHA during pregnancy will help both you and your baby. In order to make sure that your baby is getting adequate amounts of DHA without being exposed to toxic contaminants, taking a good fish oil supplement with your diet is a much better idea than eating actual fish. All fish contain trace levels of mercury and other toxic metals which can severely damage your health if the fish is improperly cleaned or under-cooked. Fish oil supplements are a much safer choice as manufacturers have to follow a rigorous process of cleaning the fish and distilling and purifying the oil before it can be sold on the market. As a result, fish oil supplements are the safest and easiest source of DHA during pregnancy.

Now it's time to start putting these facts in to practice. Giving your baby the best start possible is as simple as supplementing your diet with a good quality fish oil supplement.

Beauty De Maman - A Skin Care Product For Pregnant Women

Currently, pregnant women can easily shop for maternity clothes that conform to their changing bodies but rarely can they find salon beauty or visage beauty products that cater to their unique nine month transformation. It is expected that pregnant women will undergo notable changes related to their hormones and their physiology throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, the changes that pregnant women experience in their body can effect their face, skin and other parts of their body. Dr. Michele Brown, a well seasoned obstetrician, finally decided that there was a void of visage beauty products for her customers and created Beauty de Maman. Beauty de Maman offers products ranging from spa beauty to visage beauty that serves the needs of pregnant clients. All the spa beauty products provided are proudly made from natural ingredients purposely to avoid harm to the soon to be mother and child. Pregnant mothers are often warned to stay away from using beauty products that pose risks to their child but Beauty de Maman is designed to be safe for pregnant mothers.

Pregnant mothers looking to maintain their visage beauty should consider ordering some of the products offered on the Beauty de Maman website. Oftentimes, pregnant mothers can experience blemished skin during their pregnancy and it is difficult for them to find a safe and yet effective beauty product. Pregnant mothers experiencing problems with their facial skin would be wise to try the facial scrub that promotes healthy visage beauty. Applying the facial scrub twice a day can leave the pregnant mother feeling refreshed and blemish free. If the pregnant woman is experiencing issues with her skin that are not limited to her face then there is the salon beauty face and body cream. The face and body cream is composed of natural ingredients including the oils of tea tree, lavender and peppermint. The use of herbal ingredients is the signature mark of all the visage beauty products. All the spa skin care products available by Beauty de Maman have been used by pregnant mothers nationwide and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

One of the most unique spa skin care products available through Beauty de Maman is the nipple gel for breastfeeding mothers. Mothers who are amidst the breastfeeding process generally tend to experience soreness and dryness around the nipples. The nipple gel is a salon beauty product that aims to alleviate the pain felt around the nipple area. Most other nipple gels contain lanolin which can be harmful for breastfeeding babies but this salon beauty product is formulated without the harmful ingredient. Another uniquely safe product specifically designed for pregnant women is the herbal supplement for pregnancy related nausea. Morning sickness is difficult to treat but with the herbal supplement it can be easier to handle with a pill that possesses no odor or taste. Regardless of whether you are a pregnant woman suffering from facial breakouts, body skin blemishes or sore nipples there is a salon beauty product designed specifically for your needs.

These products are made by a woman gynecologist Dr. Michele Brown. She is a practicing OBGYN who has delivered over 3,000 babies. These products are natural and made out of Herbal ingredients which make them safe for the pregnant woman.

Symptoms That Arise During Pregnancy

A missed period is the most obvious pregnancy symptom. A missed period indicates that one is on its second to third week of its pregnancy. Some women might experience abnormal period which is short period or a period which is lighter than normal.

One of the early pregnancy symptoms are fainting or the feeling of dizziness. Women at this time might feel light headed after walking few distance or while climbing stairs. This happens because the uterus walls swells compressing arteries of the legs which ultimately cause the blood sugar level to drop.

Extreme fatigue, nausea, mood swing and flu like symptoms are also sign of pregnancy. Early in their pregnancy women feel extremely exhausted which can be followed by the feeling of vomiting or queasiness known as morning sickness but many women might experience it in evening or night. Frequent urination which is due to the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone is produced by the developing embryo is also a sign of pregnancy. Mood swings are quite severe during pregnancy and is similar to what a women experiences as pre menstrual syndrome.

Pregnancy symptoms include altered sense of taste. An equally common symptom is loathing towards a particular food. One might even develop a strong dislike against a past food craving. These are not sure sign of pregnancy and one must not rely on them totally. This happens mostly due to the estrogen hormone present in women's body.

Several hormonal changes in the body can bring about digestive problem during pregnancy. The hormone produced in the body at this time slows down bowel movement to absorb as much as essential nutrient in the body. It is advised by the doctors to take smaller but frequent meals. Slower emptying of stomach may also cause acidity leading to heartburn.

Early pregnancy symptoms show breast tenderness and swollenness. Since womens' breasts play an important role after childbirth, the body prepares itself for breastfeeding. Nipples might be much more sensitive and the skin around the nipple known as areola darkens.

Some other physical changes are back pain, cramps and high body temperature. Lower back pain can be due to several reasons. Firstly it can be because of the weights gain during pregnancy. Secondly it can be lack of proper sleep during night since the womb keeps pulling on the muscle making one feel uncomfortable while sleeping. It is best advised to use maternity pillow during pregnancy.

A less known fact for many is implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is caused by fertilized egg when it tries to implant itself in uterus.

Gaining weight is one of the unavoidable pregnancy symptoms. To make sure one is pregnant its best to take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test gives better result after at least two days of missed periods and its advised to take minimum two pregnancy tests.

It is of utmost importance for a woman to detect pregnancy as early as possible for prenatal care. It is healthy for both the mother and her baby.

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Baby Bags - Full of Free Baby Stuff!

Free baby goodies and gifts, who doesn't love to receive free baby stuff!

Especially when it's good quality actual baby products and samples, that are useful for a new mum.

Having a new newborn means there is so much to organize, prepare and budget for, before the arrival of your newest family member. Its nice when you have a little 'win' and find a few baby items that are good quality and free.

Baby bags are full of free newborn stuff such as: nappies, wipes, change mat, magazines, soothers, baby food, breast pads, sterilizer bags, milk/food storage cups, baby wash samples, cream samples for mum and baby and much more.

One huge benefit of obtaining one of these baby bags is that most to all of the items you will find in the bags, you will need in your day to day baby bag, they are the perfect size to fit into all the pockets and compartments, plus you will get to try before you decide or need to purchase more!

Another huge benefit to obtaining one of these baby bags is the brilliant information they also provide, such as: postnatal depression support, information and phone numbers, baby directories, where to find certain mother and baby products and services from local and national business and services.

One of the biggest benefits to getting one of these packs is the saving of time and money! Many baby products are expensive and come in large quantities such as nappies, creams and wipes so being able to try before you buy is a terrific idea.

Many companies that produce these goods and products are happy to send out samples of their products so it may be a case of just giving them a call and asking them to send some out.

Then you can log onto the websites that sell and giveaway these sample packs so you can try multiple goods and products at once, instead of searching for individual products which could be time consuming.

Either way get in and get some products to decide what you love, what you choose to use for your newborns comfort and well being.

They really are a little treasure pack of goodies and information that are beneficial, useful and helpful and any new mum. Plus you get your baby bag sent directly to you! Brilliant!

All the very best researching and resourcing your products!

Infant Sleep Training, Three Important Steps

Are you exhausted from trying to rock or jiggle your baby to sleep? Only to have them wake the minute you lay them down. Parents are told that you can't spoil a newborn. This depends on your definition of the word spoil. I believe parents are constantly training their babies whether they realize it or not. It is possible to teach your newborn baby to fall asleep easily on their own with very little help from Mom and Dad.

As a certified infant specialist I am called on to help exhausted parents solve their baby's sleep issues. Many times these babies are 3 months of age or older. Most infant sleep issues could be easily avoided if parents understood the three necessary steps a baby passes through on their way to a sound sleep.

The most important thing you can do to help your baby learn healthy sleep habits is to lay them down while sleepy but awake. Rocking and holding your baby to sleep is something that even a newborn will quickly get used to. You are teaching them that they need this to be able to fall asleep. It is much better to reserve holding and rocking for when your baby is awake and alert.

There are three very definite stages that a baby passes through on the way to sleep. Understanding and recognizing these stages is critical in the success of sleep training your child.

1. The Wiggle Waggle Squirm Stage: This is the point where your baby is still awake and possibly fussy. They may grunt, squirm and fight the swaddle. Many parents tell me their baby hates the swaddle because they seem to fight it. This is actually a normal part of the learned process of falling asleep. This stage will last longer if you choose not to swaddle, as baby will startle and flail. The result will be a baby who takes longer to pass through the first stage of this process. Allow your baby at least 10 to 15 minutes to settle and move on to step two. Make sure that you have white noise playing loudly nearby. The white noise allows the babies nervous system to calm down and relax. If your baby is crying the white noise should be as loud as baby's cries.

2. The Five-Mile Stare: Once baby has passed through the fussy stage, they will get very still and stare into the distance. I call this the five-mile stare. Baby may lay quietly, looking into space for up to 15 minutes. If a noise startles baby when they are in this stage, they will most likely move back to stage one and squirm and fuss for a bit. It is very important that you do not pick baby up at this point. As long as they are not crying loudly for more than five minutes allow them to cycle back through to the five-mile stare. You can jiggle the baby in their swaddle and loudly shush in their ear, but try not to pick them up. This is a crucial step in baby learning to self soothe.

3. Sweet Sleep: Babies eyelids will begin to slowly close. They may yawn or slowly open and close their eyes several times. This is a sure sign that your baby is well on the way to sleeping peacefully.

Most parents do not realize that falling asleep on their own is a learned behavior. It is a very important and necessary skill that can be taught from the earliest days home from the hospital. Laying baby down while sleepy but awake and allowing them to fall asleep naturally is the most important first step. Understanding the normal stages that a baby passes through on their way to a deep sleep will help you be successful in sleep training your new baby.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

At first you might think that pregnancy would be a time when nature is best left to her own methods, and that you should stop seeing your chiropractor, but almost the opposite is proving to be true. Not only is chiropractic care during pregnancy possible, but also it is highly beneficial to both the expectant mother and soon to be born baby. Seeing your chiropractor is completely safe, and offers life long benefits for both the pregnant mother and her child.

The visible biomechanical changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy are fairly extreme. Clearly, as the baby grows in the womb, it has profound effects on the mother's posture and weight; and changes how she does almost all of her activities. The classic image of a pregnant woman late in her pregnancy waddling along - with an almost side to side gait with her hand propped against her lower back for support - is a very telling portrait of how significant the impact is on her body. The pressure of the baby is very great on the mother's pelvis, hips, legs and back. The location of the baby, in the front abdomen area, and breast enlargement significantly changes the mother's center of gravity so her upper body has to lean back to compensate. This puts lots of stress on the entire spine of a pregnant woman and, in fact, the largest complaint by women during pregnancy is lower back pain.

No only are these visible physical changes impacting the mother's life, but hormonal and neurological changes are also causing profound physical effects. The increased flow of estrogen causes the ligaments to soften and joints to become more flexible. This makes the entire skeletal structure less supportive, causing even more muscle and joint pain.

So how can a chiropractor help make all of this less traumatic for the mother and baby? Clearly the areas of physical stress on a pregnant mother, namely the lower back, pelvis and hips, are areas of expertise for your chiropractor. So it would stand to reason that a chiropractor could help a lot. However, the normal everyday chiropractic methods have to be modified somewhat to accommodate the unique physical condition of pregnant mothers. Because the ligaments in a pregnant woman are softer, the chiropractor has to use less force in his manipulations. A special chiropractic method called the Webster Technique has even been developed to maintain optimum pelvic balance, help reduce stress and pressure to ensure an easier and safer delivery.

The statistics, which chiropractors have collected supporting chiropractic care during pregnancy, are very convincing. More than 80 percent of pregnant women have reported that seeing a chiropractor for spinal alignment during pregnancy, significantly eased back pain. Extensive studies also show that pregnant women who utilize chiropractor back care during pregnancy have almost a 30 percent shorter labor time. If you are a mother giving birth, the shortened time can make a huge difference; not only reducing the pain and trauma of birth for both the mother and baby, but also significantly reducing the recovery time after giving birth. More than 60 percent of women who report high levels of back pain during pregnancy also have recurring back pain after the pregnancy. Therefore, seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can have life long benefits.

Causes of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy - Tips to Help Pregnant Women Suffering From This Pain

Each year, more than four million women in America give birth, among which two out of every three women suffers from pelvic and lower back pain during pregnancy. Most times these symptoms will vanish within three months after delivery.

There are two main reasons for back pain during pregnancy:

1. Hormone Relaxin: During your pregnancy period, the relaxin (a sex hormone of the corpus luteum that facilitates birth by causing relaxation of the pelvic ligaments) exists in your body is ten times more than its usual level. All the joints in your pelvis is been relaxed by this hormone, to provide enough room for your baby to come out from the birth canal. Oftentimes, the hormone results to abnormal motion in different new joints of your body, which leads to swelling and pain.

2. Growing Fetus: When the fetus is growing, your abdominal wall stretches so as to hold the expanding womb. The additional room required for this need to come somewhere from your body. Stretching your abdominal muscles during your pregnancy is far beyond the usual level, so the muscles will lose the ability to do its normal function in maintaining the body pressure. Because of these changes, your lower back gets an unusual amount of burden from the torso.

Below are some simple tips to help reduce the pain and possibly prevent lower back pain during pregnancy.

1. Your back muscles need to be strengthened. You can do this safely during your pregnancy period until there is no burden from the torso squeezing the pelvis.

2. Try to decrease the physical activities level. Reducing these activities that put stress on your lower back and pelvis will help relieve pain. Some of the activities include walking long distance, standing on single leg, standing for longer hours, doing household duties that should be done by a woman that is not pregnant etc

3. Follow right ergonomic posture at your place of work. You should take frequent breaks, lie down or some time, and alert yourself on structural strength. Do not lift anything with large weights. Create comfortable work environment.

Getting the right techniques to exercise your back is important. Also you need methods of physical and mental re-education to reduce habitual and unnecessary tension in all your activity through awareness of balance, posture and movement.

Your Life As a Confinement Lady

If you are about to have your first baby, life as confinement lady may seem scary, depression, or even undesirable. Or, you could be like many other women who simply don't know what it will be like as a confinement lady. Put your fears to rest! While there are some struggles and obstacles that you will have to go through as a confinement lady and your life will definitely change, with the right nanny you will come out of it happier than ever.

Emotional Changes

A lot of the struggles that you will go through as a confinement lady come from the hormonal fluctuations and changes that occur after having a baby. You know your hormones spiked and went wild while you were pregnant, so it only makes sense that after you have the baby those hormone levels will need to normalize. This takes some time, which makes the confinement period a rather emotional time.

Some women breeze through the hormonal fluctuations as if they aren't occurring at all, while others have a lot of mood swings and some very emotional days. You never know what experience you will have until you are officially a confinement lady with that beautiful baby at home. Just realizing that your hormones will need to normalize and that your crazy emotional states or mood swings are attributed to that will help. You know you aren't going crazy and the hormones will die down eventually.

Lifestyle Changes

Some women imagine their life as a confinement lady as if they will become a shut-in who never gets out of the house. This is unrealistic, especially if you plan to hire a confinement nanny. As soon as your body heals from having the baby and you are feeling strong enough to move around a lot safely, there is no reason you shouldn't get out of the house.

In fact, getting out of the house and resuming at least some activities of your former lifestyle will help prevent or overcome postpartum depression!

It is much easier to have a life and start developing your new lifestyle as a mother if you hire a confinement nanny. They will make your life as a confinement lady much easier, since you have someone safe to care for your baby while you run out to the market, get some exercise, or visit friends.
There will be a lot that has to change as you work the new baby into your lifestyle, but you don't have to give up life altogether as a confinement lady.

The Baby

Having the baby in your home depending on you for every little need is the biggest change you will experience as a confinement lady. There is a lot of responsibility caring for a small baby, but there are also tender moments as you begin to bond with your baby and feel the overwhelming amount of love and pride that all mothers find with their babies.

Again, life as confinement lady will be a lot more comfortable and much easier if you have a confinement nanny helping you. They will share the responsibility of caring for your baby while giving you more opportunities to sleep, eat, get out of the house, and just spend bonding time with your new baby.

Life as a confinement lady will be different than life before the baby. It just isn't going to be as depressing and scary as many women believe going into it.

Best Commercial Health Insurance Plans in the US

Health insurance is a key player in today's economy. Fierce competition is why companies have been trying to provide the best benefits for each plan. So here are some of the top-ranking companies when it comes to managed care plans in the US.

On top of the list is Harvard Pilgrim, offering health insurance plans in New Hampshire. Based on U.S.News, it was ranked as the top commercial health care provider in the US for 2008. Harvard Pilgrim gives full health service benefit to their members as well as a good quality of clinical and preventive care services. Their plans include HMO, POS and PPO type of coverage plans. Their HMO provides preventive and medical services including consultation and hospitalization, same with their POS and PPO type of plan.

Another highly-ranked company is Tuft Total Health Care. This company is ranked as the second best commercial plan company in the US today. Some of their programs include preventive health care and immunization, special programs on how to quit smoking, maternity care and women's health. They also have programs for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and the like. Providing services from serious illnesses to common illnesses makes them one of the best providers when it comes to health plans. They provide standard network plans that are accessible and affordable while at the same time giving quality health care for an individual or a family in their community.

Another company is the Grand Valley Health Plan. They combine insurance coverage and medical services. Among the good programs offered by their company are employee wellness programs. This program includes cholesterol management, stress management program, weight control, non-diet weight management and a program on how to quit smoking.

These are just some of the best commercial health care plan companies in the United States today. These rankings are based on general standards like customer service, preventive services and other treatment services. These companies were able to meet the needs and standard for satisfaction when it comes to health service like preventive care, immunization, child care, women's health, cancer screening, mental health and chronic disease care and services. As long as these companies meet the standard health care necessities of the community in the US, people can rest assured that they are able to get the best benefits they need when it comes to insuring for their health in this time of recession.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pregnancy - The Ins And Outs Of Maternity Leave And Care!

There was a time no so long ago when it was acceptable for women to be discriminated against in the workplace if they were pregnant. Employers would even ask if a woman was planning to have children in the near future as it could be a basis for whether or not they got hired, but these times are, for the most part, a thing of the past. This is now considered a form of discrimination and is illegal. It is important to know your rights in the workplace though, in case anyone does try to take them from you.

Pregnancy is protected by rights of gender, which means a woman is protected from being asked if she is currently, or plans to soon be pregnant.

Women are also protected from being fired, demoted, or laid off because they are pregnant.

A woman cannot be denied renting an apartment or house because she is pregnant except in the case of communities designated as adult or senior only residences.

A pregnant woman cannot be denied at a public place, such as a restaurant, school, or hospital because she is pregnant.

One thing to know in regards to maternity leave in the workplace is the woman's right to leave when she chooses. If she becomes unable to do the job it is the employer's responsibility to modify the work environment where possible so she can work without harm. A woman cannot be forced to take maternity leave earlier than she planned.

Negative comments from customers or other staff about an employee's pregnancy cannot be used as reason to fire, demote, lay off, or force early maternity leave.

It is also important to do research on the laws in your specific state. Most require that an employer continue to pay health related premiums during maternity leave if they are paid for normal sick time.

Another thing to consider upon finding out you are pregnant is to determine the type of maternity care you wish to receive. There are now many options available for childbirth, from water births, to at home births, to using a midwife, or the traditional hospital. Keep in mind that whichever is the best fit for you and your pregnancy, maternity care also refers to post-natal care. Also, in the event of a problem during labor, a plan should be laid out to determine what to do in the case of an emergency.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes: How to Be Trendy and Fashionable

Modern plus size maternity clothes offer an array of beautiful and fashionable designs with a greater diversification of style, materials and patterns. It is now a fashion trend for would be mommies to slip into a stylish maternity outfit for both casual and formal occasions. If you happen to be pregnant, you can still appear cute and dressy with your choice of adorable maternity clothes from the first to the last month of pregnancy.

You can try out new styles like those which have integrated the empire waist look with more sophistication and charm with its light fabrics, vibrant colors and creative cuts. Other styles like an asymmetrical hemline and unique sleeve cut can enhance the beauty of the clothes. You can find stylish maternity clothes in many stores and boutiques at affordable prices. It is very likely to get an item of maternity wear such as a dress, jeans, slacks or shirt of plus size at a cheap price if you care to pick the right timing to source it out.

How about plus size maternity swimwear and lingerie? Well, the good news is that a fashion trend in this area has also evolved as the designs, prints, materials have become trendier, comfortable to wear and very appealing to pregnant women who are a bit larger than average.

You don't have to visit those elite and high end department stores to look at the trendy plus size maternity clothes. Many offline and online retailers are also coming up with their own collections of beautiful and fashionable lines which can fit your taste and budget. However, if your budget will permit it, save for some designer brand of clothes you can flaunt when you have a special family gathering or a glamorous event to attend. If you happen to bump into some designer brands being offered during a store's clearance sale, then by all means, take advantage and buy.

Browsing the web can assist you in finding an online store which offers exclusive designs of plus size maternity wear you will find adorable and reasonably priced. Look out also for their different strategies of promotions like free delivery, discount coupons, etc. Try the websites of JC Penney, Old Navy, A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood, Woman Within, Babies in Bellies and Destination Maternity.

If you are the creative type and fond of sewing, maybe you can do some bit of exercise by coming up with your own design, original or recycled. You can buy a plain colored maternity dress and then have it dyed, screen printed or sewed with a lovely design pattern made of some contrasting bright colors. You can also do the same with maternity tops. You can buy a black maternity top and match it with printed skirt and then pick whatever innovative design you can add to that plain black top. Your accessories will make a big difference to your full image projection.

Matching your maternity outfit with the right type of accessories like bead necklaces, bracelets and fixing your hair and adding some bright clips or headbands are important. Your choice of the appropriate type of shoes and shoulder bags play a significant role. Depending on whether you are attending a casual or formal occasion, your choice of scarves and earrings are vital too. Another item that should form part of your maternity collection is the elastic waist skirt. You should opt for some plain colors like, black, white or cream to match your printed tops or blouses. Printed skirts of various flowery and abstract designs with elastic waistline to match your plain shirts, sweaters, blouses and jackets tops are also recommended. You can wear this skirt up to the last day of your pregnancy.

Abortion Pills - One Of The Safest Ways To Terminate The Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period in the life of a woman. During this phase they require love, affection and more care from the family members. Most of the women prepare themselves to enter this phase but sometimes they might get into unwanted pregnancy situations. This unwanted pregnancy might trouble them and hence the best way to get out of this trouble is to terminate it. However, if you are willing to undergo abortion, there are several things that should be discussed among the family members in order to get it done properly. There are various ways in which you can terminate the pregnancy and one of the most effective ones includes the abortion pills.

Among the various ways, using the abortion pills is a medically approved and safest way of terminating the pregnancy. But you should be aware of the fact that it is effective only in early stages of pregnancy. Though you can get the medicine in the market, it is your duty to seek guidance from a professional doctor in order to get it done safely. An experienced doctor is the right person who can tell you whether this method is safe for you or not or which medicine is best for you. There are numerous benefits of using abortion pills for ending the pregnancy and the best one is that it is less traumatic and painful.

This process is effective and safe only in early stages of pregnancy and can be used by women only above 18 years of age. Those under 18 years of age need to take permission from their parents in order to undergo this treatment. The process of terminating the pregnancy by means of abortion pills is known as mifepristone. It can be used by women whose pregnancy period is maximum 9 weeks.

The first thing that should be considered by you is to consult a physician and discuss about the various options available for you. An experienced doctor would ask you to undergo various laboratory tests in order to make sure which medication is the best for you. The pathology tests might also include an ultrasound. Make sure you take the pill under the guidance of the doctor and this requires reading and signing different papers. When you take this medicine it prevents the release of a hormone, progesterone that is essential for pregnancy. In the absence of this hormone the outer boundary of the uterus breaks down and is discharged out of the body as normal periods.

It is beneficial that you either visit a health care center or a physician in order to collect all the information regarding abortion pills and their use. The experienced doctors will guide you in the process. You can also resolve your queries regarding the complications and side effects of using the pill by discussing it with the doctor. Taking this pill can result in excessive bleeding and pain but the guidance of professionals can help you in coming over the pain and traumatic condition with effective medication and care.

The Unexpected Costs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting and fulfilling time for parents. Hundreds, if not thousands of hours will be spent preparing for the birth of their child. Baby names will be discussed, baby products will be researched and purchased, the entire home will be baby proofed and of course many parenting books will be read. But there is one aspect of having a baby that too often goes overlooked. The medical costs of pregnancy and delivery are often not covered under many private health care plans.

To some it may come as a shock. It seems illogical that pregnancy wouldn't be considered a medical condition. However, some health insurance providers rationalize that pregnancy is a normal and healthy part of being human. Additionally, pregnancy is not due to random chance like an illness or disease, and thus shouldn't be covered under insurance.

Regardless of why it isn't covered or whether or not it should be, medical coverage for pregnancy is something you need to be prepared for. For most people who have their medical insurance through an employer with more then 15 people, maternity coverage is required by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This does not, however, apply to individual plans which are growing in popularity. There are a dozen states that now require coverage be extended to pregnant women with private plans. For those in the other 38 states, there are often a few providers that will offer coverage under their health plans, though the premiums are generally higher.

If you think there is a possibility you may become pregnant and you have private insurance, make sure you are covered. If there is any doubt at all, call your provider and ask specifically what is covered. Even for those with plans that do cover pregnancy, the costs are likely subject to your deductible and coinsurance. Having coverage still may result in high out of pocket costs.

If your plan does not cover pregnancy, see if they offer a maternity rider. Maternity riders are policy add-ons that cover the costs of prenatal care and delivery. These are generally paid for with an extra monthly premium and often require a waiting period before you can get pregnant, some as long as 12 months. The cost for a maternity rider is often high and it is likely that with a long waiting period, you will wind up paying as much for the rider as you would for the pregnancy on your own.

Paying for prenatal care and delivery without insurance can be very expensive. If you go without coverage, contact several local hospitals and ask what they charge. The differences in costs can be dramatic. Also, consider switching to an insurance plan with a health savings account. The costs of pregnancy can be paid for out of your HSA, leading to significant income tax savings.

If you are already pregnant and discovered that you do not have insurance that covers pregnancy, it will be difficult to find a plan that does. Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition and will often result in a denied application. In such a case, check what the qualifications are to join your state's high risk insurance pool. You may be able to gain coverage with reasonable premiums. Another option is the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan offered by the Federal Government. The PCIP is designed for people who can not get coverage through the private market due to a pre-existing condition.

In 2014 due to the Affordable Care Act, all health care plans will be required to cover maternity and none will be able to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions. But until those laws are put into place, make sure you have proper coverage.

Top Secrets to Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally - Spiritual Battles to Get Pregnant and Conceive

Are you embarrassed by how long you have waited to get pregnant? Do you have concerns about your ovulation? Are you afraid your fallopian tube may be blocked? Is delayed pregnancy making you feel less of a real woman and more like a barren? There are top secrets to get pregnant quickly and naturally your doctor may be overlooking or may not even be aware of. And if you lay your hands on these secrets and diligently apply them, you will become pregnant within 2 months.

Why you should consider an effective natural method to get pregnant quickly? This is because of the side effects and dangers of other methods and the high cost and complexities of such medical procedures and interventions, which at times does not make you pregnant. Also remember that you are not fighting against flesh and blood; but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Eph. 6: 12).

One secret that will help you to get pregnant safely and naturally and give birth to healthy babies is to take up the WHOLE armor of God through prayers. Most women neglect this simple fact and begin to spend thousands of dollars on complex medical procedures and techniques that may not work.

If you want to get pregnant quickly and naturally within 2 months you must pray the following power prayers with faith:

  • First, begin to thank God for yet another day. Thank God for your marriage. Millions are still unmarried.

  • Lord, you are the one that ordained marriage and you decreed that we should be fruitful and multiply.

  • Therefore, I come to you and ask that you make my spouse and I to become fruitful, in the name of Jesus.

  • Whatever is not fruitful is not of God; therefore I reject it in the name of Jesus.

  • I command all anti-fruitfulness powers to dry up concerning my family in Jesus name.

  • Jehovah God, you made Hannah fruitful after many years. Do the same for my family in Jesus name.

  • Jehovah God, you wiped the tears and covered the shame of Hannah. Do the same for my family in Jesus name.

  • I declare today that with you Jehovah all things are possible. Let there be the cry of a baby in this house in Jesus name.

  • Lord God, you visited Sarah and a miracle pregnancy happened in her life. Do the same for me in Jesus name.

  • Jehovah God, give us miracle pregnancy. Do what will make the world to celebrate us.

  • The God of Hannah, disappoint every medical report in Jesus name. Give us miracle pregnancy. Use my family as evidence that you are the living God. Give us a new song.

  • Today, I divorce every spirit husband or wife and command them to die in Jesus name. I release my children to come to me now, in Jesus name.

  • Exodus 23: 26 - there shall none be barren in my house. I resist you Satan in Jesus name.

  • I know the God that made Hannah to dance will make me to dance.

  • Thank you, Father for answered prayers. My spouse and I shall testify in Jesus name.

Repeat the prayers every day - morning, afternoon and at night before bed.

Here, you are using the armor of God to deal with every spiritual powers fighting against your pregnancy.

The second top secret to get pregnant quickly and naturally is to acquire the right knowledge that will help you to conceive and give birth to healthy babies within 2 months. Remember, my people perish for lack of knowledge...

It is wise to acquire the right knowledge that will help you get pregnant quickly and naturally. You can understand so many things about your body, hormonal changes, the type of food you should eat and not eat, chemicals in your home that may be sabotaging your efforts to get pregnant, your ideal weight to get pregnant, and much more.

You can get some of these facts from a good book or the internet. Once you know what may be the cause of your problem, you can then take specific steps to solve it. No more dilly-dallying!

There is a book I have recommended to several women in my community and all of them became pregnant within a very short time after knowing what they did not understand about their body before. Do you understand your body very well? Your doctor will not know, your husband will not know. Only you can explain how you feel!

Maternity Insurance - 11 Benefits Covered By Maternity Insurance

A survey revealed that around 13% of pregnant women went without medical care during those difficult months as they could not afford maternity insurance. Also, pregnancy did not form a part of many health insurance policies. Sometimes, care was available only during the second trimester or third trimester. Affordable Health Care Options therefore offers hope in the form of the "Maternity Card". This card allows slashing of costs during the prenatal and postnatal periods by up to 60%.

The name precisely means that - Affordable Health Care Options! Where Maternity Card scores over other basic health insurance programs is reduction in the amount of documents to be filled in, unlike its competitors who present the patient with a mountain of paperwork and legal jargon that is terribly confusing! And as mentioned earlier, this insurance is affordable. In truth, maternity insurance is not considered so important by plenty of health insurance programs.

Where those companies that do offer maternity insurance coverage are concerned, they provide group insurance plans. The catch is that in many of the plans, the clauses are so framed that they can take effect only three months later; sometimes, even one year later.

A plan called Medi-cal maternity insurance is meant for residents of California only. The woman should be between six to seven months pregnant, as well as prove that California has been her home for the past six months. The company takes care of prenatal expenses, as well as covers the postpartum period for 60 days. The remaining costs are covered by the woman herself (gross family income contributes 2%).

Low-income groups can turn to Medicaid for help, where a few maternity insurance benefits are available sometimes.

So I again reiterate that Maternity Card is the best option available. Pregnant women with no insurance can go for it. Even women with health insurance that does not include maternity insurance, can opt for Maternity Card. More details can be found from internet. All one has to do is fill out the information page on the site and click on submit. One will have access to lots of information about where to find good insurance.

The full maternity package provided by Maternity Card includes these services:

1. Visits to the doctor.

2. Prenatal vitamins.

3. 24-hour counseling.

4. Sonograms.

5. Laboratory work.

6. Stay in the hospital.

7. Anesthesiologist.

8. 24-Hour Nurse Hotline.

9. Checkups and tests concerning the newborn.

10. Immunizations for mother and child.

11. Prescription drugs.

Thus, the Maternity Card is so customer-friendly that the mother-to-be can stop having nightmares about the lack of maternity insurance or how she is going to manage monetarily when the baby finally arrives. There is somebody to take care of everything!

How You Can Stop Pregnancy Complications

Many women are told that pregnancy complications like pre-term labor, gestational diabetes, low-birth weight babies, and pre-eclampsia are just bad luck. They're led to believe that there's really no way to avoid these, and if your genetics determine that you'll have those problems then you will. Is this true? Or is there something you can do to help your pregnancy stay healthy -- and help you to have a strong, healthy baby?

You Make a Difference

There are pregnancy complications that sometimes happen and nobody can figure out exactly why. These, however, are rare. There are many steps you can take to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

Your baby is counting on you from the moment of conception for everything. You've probably heard that your baby will take what he or she needs from your body, but that's not true. You need to take care of yourself so that your body has enough for itself as well as for building a baby.

Sometimes it feels like a lot of work and responsibility to be taking care of a new life, but the good news is that you can make a difference in your baby's future. You also help your own body to stay healthy and ready to bounce back after your baby is born. Your good pregnancy health makes childbirth safer and prevents depression and other emotional issues.

Pregnancy Diet is Your Ticket

Your pregnancy diet is a ticket to a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy. You'll still experience some pregnancy discomforts, and good diet is no guarantee to a pain-free birth. But if you eat well your baby grows well. Your body has plenty of energy to take care of itself. Your uterus is strong and your body can labor efficiently (as well as recover quickly).

Getting enough to eat, and enough of the right foods makes a difference. You can actually prevent pregnancy complications. A well-nourished mother and baby are far less likely to have problems with premature labor. Issues like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes are rare in mothers who are eating plenty of good foods.

You need to eat plenty of protein and the right kinds of fats. Your baby's body is built on protein. Your baby's brain is built on fat. Getting too little of either starves your baby -- and again, your baby can't "steal" it from your body. You need to eat high quality protein, especially animal proteins (meat, fish, dairy, etc). You also need high quality fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and butter. These fats are minimally processed and much better for you and your baby than other fats like soybean oil and corn oil (which may actually be dangerous to your child's brain).

Carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits help provide the massive amounts of energy it takes to grow your baby, but eat them with your protein and fats. Eating too many carbohydrates cause blood sugar swings that make you feel nauseated and fatigued. It can also lead to gestational diabetes. Eat plenty of green vegetables, some fruits, and some starchy vegetables with your meals.