Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits for Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are many physical and emotional changes that take place, during her forty or more weeks of pregnancy. The most obvious change includes her enlarged abdomen and the stretching of her abdominal skin to accommodate the growing child that she is carrying.

Many women find that their skin becomes dry and irritated as it stretches and in some cases it even becomes hyper-sensitive to the touch. As the skin stretches during pregnancy, the condition known as "stretch marks" may occur and the condition can be very difficult to get rid of after the birth of a child.

Stretch marks are believed to be caused by a combination of hormonal changes and stretching of the skin that occurs with pregnancy and rapid weight gain. While many people are familiar with pregnancy stretch marks on the abdomen, marks on breasts, thighs and other areas of the body can occur as well.

Applying almond oil to the skin throughout pregnancy helps to alleviate general skin itching, irritations and sensitivity and can help the skin to gently expand as it stretches.This natural oil helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, keeping it supple and elastic so that it can stretch without leaving marks.

In addition, women who are having a natural childbirth may want to avoid the need for an episiotomy if at all possible as it can be very painful and at times, even dangerous. When applied on a daily basis to the perineal area, the oil helps the skin stretch more easily during natural childbirth and can eliminate the need for the procedure.

It is only natural to look for products that help to solve these problems and that are safe to use for both the mother and growing child. As it happens, sweet almond oil is used by many women to help with all of the pregnancy issues listed above.

Almond oil for pregnancy has been used by women from all around the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Women who choose to use the oil for pregnancy related skin issues can get the benefits of almond oil without spending a lot of money on more expensive products.

By rubbing pure almond oil, or one of the other many products made with the oil, into the skin during and after pregnancy, women can increase their comfort level and reduce or possibly even eliminate pregnancy stretch marks completely.

If you are considering using sweet almond oil for pregnancy and stretch marks, one thing to remember is you should never use any nut based oils, including almond oil, if you are allergic to them.


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