Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Subtle Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

Ok so let's try and keep this as simple as we can. Trying to get pregnant can be complicated enough - with trying to get everything right at the right time. Some fall into pregnancy while others struggle to conceive.

The first tip is to keep it simple. Now lately I am a big fan of writing things down since I have a lot going on in my little brain writing stuff down helps me to think more clearly without worrying about forgetting something.

Once you know you are taking care of the basics it helps you to relax. So if you wish write down these basic things you need to do to help you get pregnant.

Secondly every doctor will tell you that you need to be taking prenatal vitamins along with folic acid and B vitamins. These help you get pregnant but they also provide for the health of your baby. So make sure you are taking them. Write it down on your daily tasks.

Now rather than give you a long litany of the obvious lets just cut to the chase. Do not drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. Do not use birth control medicines as this will impair your chances of pregnancy. When having sexual intercourse do not use lubricants. Knock off the caffeine and drink plenty of water. Eat healthy and apply common sense and the rest is history.

Observation and relaxation are very much related. You cannot observe what is going on if you are consumed with worry. So as I said write things down and relax. You will need to be aware when you are ovulating so you will have to observe changes in your cervical fluids and changes in body temperature.

This is when you will want to have frequent sex when leading up to ovulation. Sperm can live up to five days in the fallopian tube so make sure and get a good stock of it there. Then when that wonderful egg comes along the beauty of life will begin.

In summary relax, use common sense, consult with a medical professional and avoid the obvious no no's.

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