Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some People Have Asked - What is the Purpose of Omega3 - Learn About That Purpose Here

There have been many persons asking, what is the purpose of Omega3? Well, Omega3 has quite a few purposes. Among them are the benefits to our mental health. And the way these oils help to prevent us from having a heart attack...

And especially the fact that these oils have anti-inflammatory properties. And the way these oils help our hair, skin and nails. The purposes of Omega3 are many.

The purpose of Omega3 shows itself especially when we find that it plays a role in our mental health. Omega3 supplements give us the benefit of the DHA fatty acids, these fats help to keep our brain working properly.

They tend to stop us from falling into depression, as long as we take them every day. They have the added benefit of keeping our memory in tip top shape. As they improve our focus and our concentration.

Now, the purpose of Omega3. I mentioned that Omega3 supplements help to prevent us from having a heart attack. These oils also do other jobs for us.

Another thing these oils do for us, is to thin our blood and this actually reduces our blood pressure.

Another thing I mentioned was the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil. Well, the news gets even better.

There is a company in New Zealand that has developed an Omega3 supplement that has double the anti-inflammatory properties of other highly concentrated oils.

And it gets even better, they sell their products over the internet, their products go all around the world.

Women who are pregnant have been buying this oil in huge amounts. This is because they have discovered that the DHA helps to build the foetuses cerebral cortex.

And they also discovered that this is tied into the babies IQ. And even if the mother has a demanding baby, she will be unlikely to develop post natal depression.

Again, this is depending on taking an Omega3 supplement on a daily basis.

I really must warn you about buying Omega3 supplements that have not been through the process of molecular distillation to remove the heavy metals and the toxins.

The main dangers to watch out for are lead and mercury. When it comes to the toxins, you really do need to watch out for the PCBs. They have been known to cause cancer.

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