Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ardyss Maternity Garments

Dr Abdull-Al, an OB/GYN and contributor to the Ardyss Doctor Showcase collaborative reveals how he uses the Ardyss maternity garments for his patients throughout their pregnancies. According to Dr Abdull-Al, Ardyss maternity girdles give women the additional support they need throughout their pregnancies in the lower stomach and abdomen region, which reduces the risk of swelling to the lower extremities. Ardyss promotes these garments as useful to both mom and baby because they provide a unique therapeutic benefit that helps alleviate lower back and abdominal pain that can present problems during their pregnancy.

During pregnancy many women complain and are plagued with hip, back, bone and overall physical discomfort. Unfortunately, there have been very few products on the market that can alleviate the symptoms throughout pregnancy. These garments are particularly helpful because they were designed by an orthopedic surgeon who understands the specificity of the body and how women's bodies change throughout pregnancy. They can provide comfort from the first trimester to childbirth and will also help support and remove the additional weight from the spinal column and help balance the overall weight of the body.

The March of Dimes website reports that 67% of babies born in the United States every year are low-birth or about 1 out of every 12 babies born weigh less than 5 pounds. There is not a clear correlation between low-birth weight and prematurely born children. However, there may be many reasons for why some babies do not make it to term or what the risk factors are for delivering prematurely. There are many reasons including ethnicity (African American women are more likely to have low-birth babies than any other race), infections in uterus, placental problems, maternal weight gain, and so on.

For these reasons alone it is vital to understand when it might be appropriate to use a maternity garment. The maternity and post-partum girdle featured by Ardyss has simple benefits for women in pregnancy and can be a useful support garment for the growing and changing physiology of the body. In addition, as many physicians are aware and patients know it can take quite some time to return to pre-pregnancy weight and form. Dr. Abdul-All has used these garments for both women who have delivered normally and those who have had c-section because they will allow the body to reposition the organs and apply pressure on the lower extremities which will prevent bleeding post-surgery.

The garments are available through physicians and you have to be able to bill through your insurance. Most patients can pay for them out of pocket and then have your doctor provide a form to bill your insurance. It is important to ask your doctor before use of any medical device or product during pregnancy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the billing codes for the Ardyss garments contact me via my website for more instructions. Ardyss International is a retailer they don't specific have guidelines on medical use of garments.

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