Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Get Pregnant: Pregnancy After An Abortion

For some reason or the other, a woman by herself or a couple may decide to go in for a medical termination of pregnancy. An abortion induces physical stress on the body. A woman needs time to recover and recuperate from this situation before she can consider having a baby. Following a few simple guidelines ensures safe pregnancy after an abortion.

Resting and Recuperating After An Abortion:

When a woman conceives there are pregnancy hormones circulating in her body. After an abortion, these remain present and it might take anything from 6 months to two years for the woman's body to return to a stable hormonal state. Her periods may vary, the amount of bleeding may vary and other symptoms persist until the woman becomes normal. It is advisable for a woman to have a check up to ensure that she is recuperating well and there are no abnormalities before she considers conception. Until she does return to a mentally and physically normal state of health, it is always wise to have safe sex as conception close to an abortion may pose problems.

Medical Exam After Abortion and Before Pregnancy:

If a woman is thinking of becoming pregnant again after an abortion, she should first have a thorough medical examination to ensure that she is healing perfectly, the cervix has closed and there are no infections in her uterus or vagina. If there are some tissues still left after the abortion, she may need D&C.

Safeguard health and revive physically:

After an abortion, she should preferably take some basic steps to safeguard her health. These steps include a healthy, nutritious diet with plenty of rest, relaxation and sleep. She would have to take antibiotics as prescribed by her doctor for the prescribed period. After an abortion, a woman should not engage in swimming or any strenuous activity like lifting weights. Avoid inserting tampons or use of a douche. Since ovulation can occur two weeks after abortion, she can become pregnant so it is best to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least a month to two until healing is complete and even then engage only in safe or alternative sex. If a woman has had an abortion after 8 or 9 weeks of conception, she may begin lactating but this phase will eventually pass so there is nothing to be unduly concerned about. A close fit bra helps. Take care to avoid infections.

Try again and conceive happily:

Once recovery is complete in all respects the couple can safely decide to have a baby. A doctor can advise when it is safe. When a woman wants to conceive, a healthy and nutritious diet along with vitamins, folic acid and supplements is necessary. She should also refrain from smoking and drinking and should reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks. Light to moderate physical exercises revitalize not only muscle tissues but also internal organs. She can resume normal and frequent intercourse using positions that are more conducive for conception. A break in between can be beneficial in the man being able to increase his sperm count and therefore the chances of impregnation.

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