Sunday, June 9, 2013

IVF Funding

For many couples, the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) far exceeds their financial means. The prices vary in different parts of the world, and are dependent on a whole slew of variable factors, but given that the success rate of pregnancy from IVF is only 30% in the best case, an average couple has to expect to spend not less than $12,000-15000 to get pregnant through IVF. Therefore the question begs itself, how to find IVF funding?

Affordable IVF

There are indeed ways of funding IVF and for finding low-cost IVF programs which allow even those couples who lack the affluence for such an expense to achieve conception. Here are few tips for finding or funding affordable IVF.

IVF Refunds

Programs that have money-back guarantees or refunds will allow you to get the money back from unsuccessful attempts and reuse those dollars in your next IVF initiative. These programs take a set charge for a given amount of trials, and refunds your money for unsuccessful trials. It works like insurance, sort of, protecting the unsuccessful couple from paying through the nose for nothing. In this system of IVF refunds at least you know what you are paying in advance.

IVF Financing

There are many organizations that provide low-cost IVF financing loans to couples for IVF treatment. While obtaining a loan may not seem an IVF funding scheme, these loans can make it possible to get the treatment needed for minimal interest expense. When combined with a discounted program, a low-interest loan can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Medical Tourism

Various IVF programs are conducted throughout the world on an ongoing basis and the cost of IVF in different parts of the world will vary based on local economy and other factors. Many couples consider participating in a low-cost IVF treatment program in another country in order to minimize expenses.

Infertility Forums

Online infertility forums where members share experiences and information can be a great source of leads for IVF funding. Learning from the experience of others is a good way to widen your strategic approach to obtaining affordable IVF. Understanding what other couples have been able to achieve in IVF funding through various means will inspire you and provide you with practical avenues to pursue for your own funding sources.

Military Discounts

Being a retired or active member of the armed services or the spouse of a veteran or active military member can be a means of receiving discounted IVF as well. Many clinics will offer discounts as high as 25% to military families. Military hospitals may be a source of IVF programs at discounted rates or may be able to provide you with referrals to clinics that offer standard military discounts.

Grant Programs

Believe it or not, there are grant programs available for couples who cannot afford IVF on their own. While the process of completing applications and submitting requests for funding will take time and patience, it is well worth the effort for many financially strapped couples.

Summary of the Problem

Summarizing, in the course of conventional medical treatment for infertility, when either the reason for the infertility is "non-specific," or alternatively when the specific cause of infertility leaves a chance that the woman can get pregnant anyway, at some point the doctor may introduce the option of in vitro fertilization.

For many couples, the cost of IVF far exceeds their financial means. Therefore the question begs itself, how to find in vitro fertilization financing?

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