Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hints To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

If you want to start a family with your partner, there are a number of hints that you should know in order to speed up conception and to heighten your ability to get pregnant quickly.

When you are planning to conceive, you should visit your doctor to have your health checked out and ensure that there is no infection or issue that could affect your baby. They will also run tests to check that your nutrition levels are good and you are high in essential vitamins and minerals. Taking a pregnancy vitamin with enough folic acid will also prevent birth defects in your child. Your partner can take zinc supplements to increase their sperm count.

If you smoke or use any illicit drugs, you should stop right away do not wait until you actually become pregnant to do so. Cutting out alcohol and limiting your caffeine consumption are also important to maximize the chances of conception and increase fertility as well as protecting the health of an embryo.

Taking the fun out of the process and executing each time you have sex like it is a military exercise will not increase your chances of becoming pregnant, in fact, it will likely reduce them. You should not only have sex when you are ovulating, you should do it at least three times a week especially in the week leading up to ovulation since sperm is able to survive up to five days before dying.

Relying on a calendar to predict when you are ovulating and planning sex around that is likely to limit your chances of conception. Even though women are commonly most fertile on day 14 of their cycle, each woman is different and not all of them have the typical 28 day cycle. You can often tell when you are at your most fertile as your vaginal discharge will differ becoming slicker and more slippery to allow sperm to pass into the uterus more effectively.

People are more fertile and conception is much more likely if both partners enjoy the sex. Making it into a clinical process is unlikely to help the situation, so you should relax and enjoy making love with your partner. It has been shown that when women orgasm during sex conception is more likely because vaginal contractions effectively pull more semen into the uterus and helps it to travel there faster. When men orgasm more powerfully, they release more sperm and it travels further into the vagina.

The position that you use during sex can affect fertility levels. The woman on top position is less likely to result in pregnancy since the sperm have to struggle uphill to the female. Missionary or other positions where the vagina is tilted slightly downwards facilitate more sperm getting into the uterus and increases the chances of conception.

Relaxing and enjoying the entire process is one of the most important things that you can do in order to ensure you get pregnant. Knowing that most couples will naturally fall pregnant within 6 to 8 months of trying should make you feel more in control of the situation. If after that time you have not yet conceived you can visit your doctor to seek out further advice.

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