Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Does Eating Dairy Foods While Pregnant Make You Have A Girl Baby?

I recently had someone who was trying to have a girl baby contact me. She was already pregnant but wanted to do everything that she could to make sure that she ended up with a girl rather than a boy. She asked me: "should I be drinking milk? Does drinking dairy when you're pregnant help you get a girl baby?"

There was really two questions here. The first was whether consuming milk or dairy helped you to conceive or become pregnant with a female child. The second was whether your diet after you're already pregnant can affect your baby's gender. I will discuss these topics in the following article.

Does Your Diet After Conception Affect Your Baby's Gender?: I'll address this question first. Your baby's gender is decided at conception. Although the sex organs aren't visible for a while, once you conceive, your baby's sex has already been decided. At the end of the day, if an X sperm fertilizes your egg, you've conceived a girl even if this isn't immediately visible. And, if a Y fertilizes your egg, you're the parents of a baby boy on down the road, even if the male organs aren't apparent for some time.

So, your diet after conception isn't going to change what has already taken place. That's not to say that a healthy diet (which includes dairy) isn't important for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. They are. They just don't factor into your baby's gender if they happen after conception instead of before it, which leads me to my next point.

Eating Acidic Foods Before Pregnancy Can Increase Your Chances Of Having A Girl: Your diet before you become pregnant can affect your baby's gender. The reason for this is that the foods you eat can affect whether your reproductive tract is alkaline or acidic. If it is acidic, this increases your chances for a girl because this is detrimental to boy sperm. If you are alkaline, this is much better for the boy sperm which in turn increases your chances for a boy.

Along these same lines, milk and dairy foods are more acidic. So consuming them can help you to become more acidic which would increase your odds of a daughter. However, just adding one food to your diet may not be enough to change your PH and acidity. Women will often do a short overhaul of their diets when they're trying to conceive and influence their baby's gender.

You can test yourself before you make any changes to your diet to see where you're falling to determine what types of dietary changes you might want to make. Also, douching can help to change your PH also, so you have some other options other than just diet.

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