Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jobst Compression Stockings May Help Prevent Leg Discomforts During Pregnancy

As you begin to put on more water weight from your pregnancy, you may begin to notice that your feet and ankles will become swollen towards the end of the day. You may begin to suffer from nightly leg cramps and the onset of varicose veins. All of these symptoms are normal in a pregnant woman, but there are ways to help prevent and even stop them.

The extra weight and the extra work your body does for the growing baby can cause leg cramping, swollen feet and ankles, and varicose veins. You should try and avoid standing and sitting in one position for long periods of time. This will just add to the symptoms. Because of the extra stress to your legs, ankles, and center of gravity (body's core), your blood has trouble being pumped back to your heart. The slow return of the blood in the legs can cause swelling and some blood will accumulate in the veins and cause unsightly varicose veins. Refraining from excessive walking and physical activity can help relief some of the discomforts, but one of the best options is to wear compression stockings before the symptoms begin.

Compression stockings are not your everyday pair of socks. They are a medically proven way to relive pain caused by minor leg issues. They work by assisting in the circulation of the blood in your legs. They offer gradual compression to you leg. The compression starts tight at the ankle and gradually lessens up the leg. This compression provides support and allows for better blood circulation. Using compression stockings before you begin seeing symptoms can be a great option. This will allow the circulation of blood as you put on more weight and help prevent some of the discomforts and the severity of varicose veins. The stockings can also provide relief on the symptoms that have already occurred as well. Some elderly people are recommended to wear the stockings every day as a precaution and to help with existing symptoms.

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