Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Postnatal Care for Dogs

Your dog is fully capable of caring for both itself and for its pups, after birthing. However, you should do what you can to help lessen the strain, as birthing for dogs is as tiring and draining as it is for humans. Think about it this way: if you had just given birth, you'd probably like to have a little help and support!

The most important thing to do after your dog gives birth is to bring your dog and the puppies to the vet. Going to the vet early on can save you and your dog a lot of grief later on. The vet will check for complications and possible problems after birthing.

After your dog has been declared fit and healthy by your vet, you should bring the dog home and continue to monitor its activities closely. Your dog will be easily tired so you should restrain it from going out, but not prevent it from doing any exercise. You will need to continue to feed your dog properly, and your dog will still require more than the food it was accustomed to before it got pregnant. So, feed your dog with the right amount of dog food, and do not neglect to give your dog plenty of water either. Give it time, and your dog will gradually start to recover its previous energy levels.

New mothers will feel the urge to defecate more often than normal, so you should be sure to keep your dog's kennel clean, with a ready newspaper on which to defecate. You also should not neglect brushing your dog's hair regularly, because she will probably be shedding more hair than usual.

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