Sunday, April 21, 2013

Understanding Health Insurance When Moving to Another Country

Health insurance is an essential requirement in today's world, as we all want access to the highest quality medical care at an affordable price. Unfortunately medical care, standard of treatment and healthcare costs may vary from country to country.

Some countries leave the choice between privatised and subsidised medical care systems and other don't. In some countries, the employers will take care of your health insurance while in other countries you may have to show specific documentation before you can receive treatment.

If you intend to move to another country, it would be better to inform yourself on the following subjects:

  • the standard of healthcare (general and specialist care);

  • privatised and/or public system;

  • necessary documentation you may need to have access to treatment;

  • will your employer take care of your health insurance;

  • health care taxes and withholds from your pay check;

  • healthcare cost (who is paying for what, what amounts, monthly premiums and cost in case of an emergency);

  • do you need to register with a doctor and to locate specialists? Are there any restrictions from the health insurance;

  • find out what actions need to be taken in case of an emergency (which numbers to call, location of medical emergency facilities, etc.).

It is always better to have a health insurance if you travel a lot and if you reside in countries where standard of treatments are low and where medical care is privatised.

A good health insurance will enable you to be treated in the country of your choice or the nearest centre of medical excellence.

Traditionally, health insurance companies would offer different types of policies covering different areas such as hospital services, parental accommodation (for minor children), hospital cash benefit, day-care surgery, local road ambulance service, emergency medical evacuation, 24-hour emergency medical assistance, repatriation or local burial, home nursing, accident and emergency room services, oncology, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, MRI and CT scans, organ transplantation surgery, rehabilitation care, dental treatment following accident, routine dental treatment, newborn care, outpatient psychiatric care, maternity care, childhood vaccinations, wellness benefit, outpatient services (GP fees, X-rays, diagnostic and pathology tests, physiotherapy, specialist and consultants fees, complementary therapies, prescription drugs).

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