Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why Are So Many Women Addicted To Pole Fitness?

Pole fitness is a great form of exercise. Women all over the world are addicted to this amazing form of exercise. This activity which until 12 years ago only occurred in gentleman's clubs is now taking place in dance studios, gyms and people homes. It is extremely popular as a form of exercise. It is a combination of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics. But why are so many women addicted to this form of exercise, why are so many women poleaholics?

There are perhaps a number of reasons why it is such a popular form of exercise. Perhaps the challenge of a new and exciting sport, the improvement in body image and shape, endorphin release and perhaps the attraction of doing something that is seen by some as a little risque are why this exercise is so popular.

Just like with other forms of exercise there are a range of physical and emotional benefits for health. Exercise is essential to a persons well-being. Endorphins are released during exercise, the endorphins produce a general state of well-being and can produce feelings of euphoria. Exercise can help people recover from mild depression quicker and good mental health is correlated with participating in exercise as people age. Cardiovascular exercise helps to release endorphins and induce a mood high. Pole dancing is a form of cardiovascular exercise and helps to improve peoples mood. This explains why some ladies have recovered from post natal depression and anorexia. The life's of many women have indeed improved due to the release of endorphins produced from participating in pole fitness. The benefit to a persons mood is what encourages a person to continue with this form of exercise and then become addicted.

Many ladies who take up pole fitness have never taken part in exercise before so these ladies see a vast improvement in body shape and in turn body image. The cardiovascular element of this sport burns calories and in turn ladies can lose weight. The strength element of this dance form tones ladies arms, abdominals, bottoms and legs. The improved body shape and image keeps them coming back for more.

Body image is also improved as ladies become used to seeing themselves in a mirror whilst wearing only hot pants and a vest top. They are surrounding by other women with the same lumps and bumps all wearing the same attire. They see that they are exactly the same as everyone else. Thus improving the image of themselves.

Wearing pole dancing shoes to this dance class means that it does not feel like they are taking part in exercise. The platform and heel gives the illusion of longer leaner legs, again another way in which this form of exercise makes ladies feel good about themselves.

There is a huge social aspect to these sessions. Women meet new people from all walks of life. Many make new friends that they keep for life. Whilst at an aerobics session women are too tired to chat, at pole sessions women often chat to one another in between goes on the pole. This creates a friendly atmosphere where girls encourage each other along and cheer and clap when someone perfects a move or gets it for the first time.

Ladies are perhaps both attracted to and shy of starting this new exercise regime due to the stigma which is attached to the dance form. Ladies are shy to start and some are totally repelled from the idea of staring this form due to the perceived risquenature. However those that take the plunge realise that whilst learning it is far from attractive. Women are covered in bruises and often look like baby elephants when first attempting new moves. That is not very sexy at all.

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