Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Protect Your Future Health by Hiring a Confinement Nanny

Chinese culture has a longstanding belief that new mothers who do not get excellent postnatal care will set themselves up for bad health and illness later in life. It is believed that the lack of care of the mother's body and mind after the birth of the baby allows the seeds of bad health and illness to be sewn within her body. Years later at an unpredictable time, those seeds will come into fruition and will bloom into illness, disease or bad health in general.

This is why Chinese women always hire confinement nannies to take care of new mothers and their newborn babies. This is not just a luxury that some women get to enjoy so they can lay in bed or avoid learning to care for their own babies. It is viewed as a necessity that helps the mother get excellent care so she is spared those later health problems.

The nanny is the solution to a serious cultural problem. She is there to prevent those seeds of bad health from being planted in the new mother's body. In this way, she is a promoter of long term health at the mother. In doing this, she is primarily a promoter of immediate good health for the mother as well as the baby.

Today, this belief is spreading around the world to Western cultures as well. Many are catching on to the fact that a woman must take great care of her body when recovering from the birth of a baby. They may not call the help they hire a nanny, but their helpers do exactly the same thing that Chinese confinement nannies have done for Chinese women for thousands of years.

Some of the duties that a confinement nanny will take over for the new mother include:

• Cooking
• Cleaning
• Laundry

On top of this, a nanny will help take care of the new baby so the mother has more opportunity to rest. The mother will be delivered healthy meals that nourish her body as well as her breast milk for the baby's nourishment. When meals are over, the nanny will clean up the kitchen and take care of the kitchen so the new mother can rest.

The confinement nanny will also help with the nighttime feedings and diaper changes, this way the new mother gets more rest so her body can recover from the delivery. This will not continue for years in most cases, but it will last for at least four weeks. If the mother is having a difficult time recovering, then the confinement period may extend a little longer.

All of this helps the mother rest and treat her body with care. Without a confinement nanny, she would be forced to put the needs of her newborn baby and other family members in front of her own needs. That would definitely cause those seeds of bad health to settle into her body. The job of the confinement nanny is to take over a lot of the new mother's everyday duties so she can rest and know that everything is being taken care of by someone who cares.

It used to be that family members provided the care for a new mother, but that cannot be counted on today in China or elsewhere in the world. That is why nannies are most often hired from a service.

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