Sunday, May 5, 2013

Affordable Online Health Insurance Quote - How to Get Cheap Plans Online

While costs for medical care continue to go up, there's still a way to get affordable health insurance. Here's how to find the lowest cost health insurance quote online.

Online Health Insurance Quotes

Today, more than half of all Americans with health insurance belong to a managed health care plan. Managed health care plans provide health care through a predetermined network of doctors and hospitals. These health insurance plans include PPOs, HMOs, and POSs.

These plans work basically the same by providing medical services by specific groups of providers at reduced rates.

  • HMOs give medical care for doctor visits, hospital stays, and surgeries. They usually require that you stay within the network to be covered.

  • PPOs are also a group of doctors and hospitals that give care to members of their plan. Small copayments are usually required for doctor visits.

  • POSs are the most expensive of the three and also provide more of the bells and whistles in an insurance policy. You also have the choice of seeing a doctor outside of the network.

Depending on your needs you may want to include coverage for items such as maternity care, prescriptions, and vision care. Managed care plans can vary quite a bit from insurance company to insurance company so look at each plan carefully before deciding on one.

Affordable Online Insurance Quotes

One of the best ways to get affordable health insurance quotes is to go to a free insurance quote website. There you can get competitive quotes from up to 5 health insurance providers so you can compare plans and prices. After you have your quotes, you need to look closely at the policies and decide which one is the best for you.

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