Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Treat a Sore Throat Naturally Using Homeopathy

Learning how to treat a sore throat means learning that there are as many ways as there are people with sore throats. The most common solution is to use antibiotics and/or lozenges.

Antibiotic treatment tends to knock your immune system for six, in the process. And allows bacteria to mutate, into the bargain. Apart from the fact that many sore throats don't respond to such treatment.

You might be asking what alternatives there are, in your search of how to treat a sore throat. Effective alternatives, that is.

Would you be looking for a treatment which won't harm your health, doesn't have side effects, is not expensive, is easily obtainable and comes with instructions?

If that sounds good to you, then your first step is to purchase a good homeopathic home prescribing kit from a reputable homeopathic pharmacy. The best ones only sell homeopathic medicines. Some homeopaths also sell them.

Then you need to work out how homeopathy works. You need to be able to make a list of your local symptoms and then see a match within the symptoms of the most appropriate homeopathic medicine.

There are many homeopathic medicines which will resolve a sore throat, depending on your unique and personal symptoms.

Silica is a common homeopathic medicine, found in most home prescribing kits. It is also a common medicine for recurring colds, flus and sore throats.

You will need to see some of your symptoms within those of the medicine, to get a favourable result. The common keynote symptoms of Silica, which relate to your throat, include:

  • colds tend to settle in your throat

  • swollen glands

  • pricking sensation (as of a pin) or a splinter-like pain in your throat

  • stinging pain on swallowing

  • food can be ejected through your nose, when swallowing it

Other symptoms that may occur with your sore throat, or you may have a past history of, include:

  • recurring infections of ear, nose and/or throat

  • frequent colds, flu

  • lack of ability to heal injuries

  • chronic nasal obstruction

  • allergy to milk

  • unhealthy skin, acne leaves scars

  • worse in cold weather or for ingesting cold food or drink or inspiring cold air

  • weakness and fatigue, even collpase

Silica may be a good acute medicine for your sore throat pr it may be a great chronic medicine for you, in which case it will resolve many other conditions, too. Be open to what happens.

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