Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teen Pregnancy - How We Can Help Prevent This From Happening

It is extremely vital that any teenage girl has a good relationship with an adult - preferably her mother. If this isn't possible, a female relative, youth leader or teacher may be someone with whom a young woman can talk openly and unhindered.

Often, teenage girls get pregnant because they are bored and find excitement in hanging around with boys. While sex is amazingly pleasurable, serious consequences can result without careful thought. The problem is compounded by the fact that many religious groups, such as the Catholic Church believe that contraception is "sinful".

It is important for any girl to be encouraged to say "no" to any boy if he only wants her for sex. The problem is that some girls are afraid of losing their boy's friendship if they refuse. Teenage girls should be encouraged to join youth groups and organised activities, and develop a group of friends of both sexes, rather than hanging about with only one boy.

Girls should understand all the different forms of contraception, so that they can insist that if they do have sex with a boy, it is essential they take precautions. Types of contraception include various types of condoms, which the boy can wear, or the pill plus many other inhibitors, which form protection for the girl.

It would be great if all teenage girls could be given one of the lifelike baby dolls for a week, or at least a couple of nights. These dolls cry and need nappy or diaper changes regularly, so the girl would find out just what it's like to be woken during the night and learn how to change the baby's nappies or diapers.

One serious problem that a girl faces with a young baby is lack of finance. She needs serious advice on the financial implications of having a baby. She could also find a loss of friends, as she will have little time to devote to socialising. Her education will certainly be interrupted, preventing her from pursuing a career. Teenage girls may need advice on career choices, college programs and the way later to obtain a good job.

It makes good sense to leave the matter of having a baby or children of your own until you are financially secure and know your partner intimately, which takes time. In the modern world, it makes most sense to wait until you are in your twenties before thinking of having a baby and enjoy the freedom of your teenage years.

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