Monday, October 28, 2013

Weight Loss After Pregnancy - How Your Emotions Can Help You Lose the Baby Fat

Have your emotions ever gotten you into trouble? Have you ever done or said something you should not have and regretted later? In my life I have had my share of mistakes that were driven by my response to simply how I was feeling.

This is especially true when it came to weight loss. Like you may be, I was an emotional eater. I was also an emotional exerciser. Does this sound familiar to you?

Let me ask you, do you exercise when you feel like it, or perhaps you eat unhealthy foods when you feel depressed. If this describes you, I have very good news for you. Despite what your experience has lead you to believe, you can develop your emotional muscles to channel them so that they drive you to do the right thing rather the wrong thing, eat the right food versus the unhealthy alternative.

In this 3 part article series, you will discover 3 ways to make the shift from being led by your emotions to using them to reach your goals.

Where Is Your Focus?

If you want to control your emotions, you will have to take immediate responsibility for what you choose to focus. At any given moment your mind can take you places you would have never selected on your own. Perhaps you are remembering a failed relationship or a missed opportunity.

The Simply Truth to Emotional Management

Here is the simple you must understand, "whatever you focus on, you will feel." Did you catch that? If you want to make a radical difference in how you feel at any moment in time, simply change what you focus on. Most people don't make it to the gym for their morning workout not because they have no desire to exercise but because they focus on all of the challenges associated with working out. Instead, starting today, you will decide to put your full attention on the benefits of making it to the gym.

The Secret Way to Lifelong Emotional Intelligence

If you do this with sincere intensity you can change how you feel in a moment however if you make positive radical changes to what you focus on a daily basis, you will change your life long-term. So let me ask you, in what area of your weight loss journey have you been the most unhappy?

Whatever it is, write it down and ask yourself, when you think about that area, what do you focus on? What emotions are stirred inside of you as you focus on what you focus on during this time? Here is the magic question. What could you focus on instead that will empower you to begin that exercise program or eat the right food?

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