Sunday, February 24, 2013

5 Natural Home Treatments For Post Partum Depression That Work

Are you interested in home treatments for postpartum depression that may be just as effective as expensive treatments but at a much lesser cost? They are convenient, cost-effective and easily available over the counter, or through your natural health practitioner because you can do them in your own home. As you are in charge, this approach may work for you and may even speed up your recovery.

As you already know, depression can take control of your life - unless you do something about it. You're in a devastated state where you're constantly worried how to get through another day. Depression is cheating you, taking away the happiness you could cherish when being together with your child. On top of that, the expenses for treating depression may be too much for your family to handle. It may turn into a vicious cycle with no assurance of getting better any time soon.

What if I told you that there is a fast and permanent method that breaks the cycle of depression, and gives you back your freedom, would you be interested? Reading word for word of this article, you'll soon find about the method that helped may people over last 10 years to brake the chains of depression, and go back to your normal life, to enjoy your baby, your children (if you have more), and your partner again. They want you back!

Home treatments for postpartum depression are convenient and easy to use. These are alternative therapies that may even enhance your current treatments. Having a healthy lifestyle is one way to reduce depression.

  • The stress brought about by this condition will make you anxious most of the time. Relaxing your body enables your mind and body to recuperate from these stresses. Incorporate physical activities, like regular exercise or taking a walk with your baby, in your day to day routine. Avoid eating chocolate, and drinking alcohol.

  • Home treatments for postpartum depression may also include herbs such as St. John's wort. This herb is known to increase 'happy' hormones. Since depressed people lack these 'happy' hormones, St. John's wort may stimulate production of these hormones to alleviate depression in as little as three weeks. However, this herb may interact with other drugs that you might be taking. It's better to consult your physician first before initiating this treatment.

  • 5-htp is another very potent natural antidepressant remedy that occurs naturally as an amino acid in our body. It works similar to antidepressant drugs but without any of the nasty side effects. The same holds true for SAMe that also occur naturally in the body although 5-htp has proven to be more effective.

When you are breastfeeding you have to be especially careful with any kind of medicines, so always double check with your physician, gynecologist, or pediatrician if the supplements that you intend to take are interfering with breastfeeding.

  • Other natural remedies for postpartum depression may be in the form of food nutrients. Omega 3 is believed to be an anti-depressant nutrient. Omega 3 sources are usually found in fish and fish oil supplements. Therapeutic dosages lie around 4g/day, or 4000mg daily.

  • Folate or vitamin B12 rich foods s are green leafy vegetables, poultry, and dairy products. Some studies showed that folate may alleviate depression in some individuals.

Home treatments for postpartum depression may not be suitable for everyone. If you're currently taking medications to treat other medical conditions, consult your doctor first before trying these treatments. The road to happiness is challenging when you have depression. Always focus on your goals and never lose hope. Imagine how wonderful it is to be the mother you always wanted to be.

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