Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kangaroo Mother Care Is Something Mothers Do Prior to Birth in the Womb

When parents understand that KMC starts from conception it's much more probable that they will continue on after birth. The idea of KMC is about bonding, transitioning both mother and child to the life they have after pregnancy, and about keeping babies healthier. Babies that are held and cared for in this manner tend to develop physically healthier as well as emotionally healthier. There are numerous reasons for this.

KMC techniques provide a sense of stability and security for both the mother and the baby. Each of them has been in a state of togetherness for almost a year, and when it's time for each to start the separation process, it's healthier to allow it to happen gradually over time rather than as a sudden awakening. Babies that are cared for with KMC tend to cry less, grow faster, and end up with a stronger immune system.

If parents understand that KMC start from conception then they have every chance of carrying through after birth. If you think about the mother's natural stance when she is in her third trimester of pregnancy, it is easy to see how the body responds to having a baby nestled along the front of the body. The natural curve of the body allows for easy transitioning to KMC and it becomes easier for mothers to bond while limiting the feeling of being overwhelmed with certain issues like housework or daily duties.

The general state of the mother is often passed on to the infant. Since KMC starts from conception, the mother's sense of loss and separation could very well be transferred onto the baby without the use of this method. The emotional state of the mother can be influenced by how well she connects with her child and how strong the bonding process is. Because bonding actually starts while the baby is in the uterus, the natural extension of the process can be easily handled and seen as a simple step toward natural development. Most parents who see this are able to maintain the KMC technique through its natural course and thus allow for the easy and natural development of the baby to mother bond.

By maintaining the contact, allowing both bodies and minds to adjust, and by minimizing feelings of being overwhelmed fewer mothers who use the KMC method experience post natal depression and are often more energetic as they continue on with their daily lives. They feel better because they are not experiencing trauma. Without the trauma of giving birth it is likely that the transition into motherhood will be a much smoother one.

There are advocates and there are those that feel that even though KMC starts from conception that it isn't necessary to continue on with the practice after the baby has been born. It is essential that the mother has the freedom to experience this technique in her own right in order to ensure that each of the individuals in the situation are experiencing the best possible transition.

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