Friday, March 1, 2013

Make Your California State Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Benefits Work Harder

Can you pay your bills for 18 weeks on a 45% pay cut? Ask yourself this question if you are planning a pregnancy and work in California.

Why is this question vital? California has state mandated pregnancy, maternity leave, and paid family leave benefits which can extend for up to 18 weeks. You will be receiving 55% of your income - or less - during this time. Many couples can't afford having mom away from work so long.

18 Weeks of Pregnancy & Maternity Benefits

Here's how California allows you up to 18 weeks of maternity benefits for your normal labor and delivery.

  • 4 weeks before your delivery via California SDI

  • 8 weeks after your delivery (c-section delivery) via SDI

  • 6 weeks of paid family leave so you can bond with your baby

It's possible that your pregnancy may encounter complications requiring you to leave work before the standard four week period. In this case your total time away from work will exceed the eighteen week barrier.

What's your CA Maternity Income Gap?

California State Short Term Disability Insurance caps your weekly benefit at 55% of income or $959 per week - whichever is less.

If your income exceeds $90,669 per year, you hit the cap. In this case divide $959 by your weekly gross pay to determine how big your pay cut will be for 18 weeks.

Are you Covered?

Government workers, teachers, domestic workers, non-profit employees, contract workers, and employees who claim a religious exemption often are not covered. The California short term disability insurance plan mandate covers private workers only.

Fill the CA Maternity Leave Gap

If you are planning a pregnancy, you have an opportunity to buy additional income protection to cover your normal maternity labor and delivery!

Supplemental Short Term Disability Insurance can fill the gap in your CA maternity leave pay. It pays pays an additional six week benefit for your vaginal delivery, and an eight week benefit for your c-section birth. Your maternity leave benefit may greatly exceed the premium you pay.

  • Create maternity leave income

  • Spend more time bonding with your baby

  • Worry less about paying your bills

At no additional cost, you are also covered in case of:

  • Pregnancy complications

  • Delivery complications

  • Premature birth

  • Accidents

  • Illnesses

Pregnancy and maternity leave benefits are payable only when coverage begins before conception. Don't delay!

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