Friday, January 17, 2014

Fish Oil and Conception - Help Getting Pregnant?

Recent scientific studies reveal that consumption of increased amounts of fish oil can actually improve fertility both in men and women alike. This recently discovered connection between both of these can help a great deal for those who have been trying to get pregnant.

Of course, the whole issue of fertility and conception can be oftentimes complicated, and a wide range of factors seem to be at play. However, it seems that omega 3 fatty acids in this supplement play a significant role in the biological processes and promoting chemical balance that are important for fertility. But what is it about omega-3 in this that helps increase your chances of conceiving a child? Let us take a look at the relationship between these two in men and in women.

Fish Oil and Fertility in Men

DHA is one of the most potent omega-3 fatty acids. It appears that DHA plays an important role in promoting sperm mobility and development of healthy sperm cells in men. As you know, sperm cells have it tough and they need to be able to go through a long journey before it penetrates the ovum and successfully unite with an egg during conception. DHA assists in the formation of healthy sperm - the more produced, the more chances of pregnancy. Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids have also been discovered to increase blood flow to the male genitalia for proper performance and sperm production.

Fish Oil and Fertility in Women

Female fertility seems more complicated than that of males. There are issues of hormones and menstrual cycles to think about. One of the important factors to achieve to increase chances of fertility is a regular menstrual cycle. The more predictable your ovulation periods are, the higher chances you can have in getting pregnant. Fish oil are not magical potions that guarantee pregnancy right there and then, but what omega-3 fatty acids do is that they allow women to have regular cycles. They enhance the body's natural ability to conceive by the process of natural regulation. With normal cycles, the ovulation process becomes predictable and couples will have increased chances of knowing when they will have the highest chances of conceiving a child.

It is also important to ensure that your diet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as these essential fats have the ability to restore the normal balance of eicosanoids in the body. This results to increased blood flow in the uterus of females to ensure that the endometrial lining is fully developed every month, which in turn optimizes the chances for implantation to occur when the egg cell becomes successfully fertilized.

Omega-3 fatty acids can go a long way as far as conception is concerned. So if you are having troubles getting pregnant, bank on the connection between these two. Supplement your diet with enough omega 3 fish oils today, and get closer to conceiving the baby that you have always wanted.

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