Friday, January 17, 2014

Three Things Your Pregnancy Diet Plan Should Avoid

The health of the baby inside is always related to a pregnancy diet plan. Pregnancy is perhaps the time where women should be cautious about their diet for the little one inside. The diet should have top priority because it is the only source of nourishment the baby will get.

Nine months could indeed be too long an ordeal. The mother could have a preference towards certain foods her doctor advises not to eat. For the baby, it will be a lifetime of suffering should the mother not pay attention to their doctors instructions.

When pregnant, there are three things that an expecting mother should follow to make sure that their pregnancy will run smoothly and be safe for the baby's transition from the womb to the world at large.

Avoiding Salty Foods

The salty foods are actually not directly affecting the baby but, of course, anything that will affect the mother would also influence the baby as well. Eating salty foods is the most common cause for water retention that causes swelling of the feet and ankles. This is actually observed on about 50% of pregnant women, and can usually cause a feeling of tiredness giving them the impression that it's the pregnancy that is giving them the discomfort when it fact it was the salt.

Avoiding Over the Counter (OTC) Medicine

Now, putting in medicine to the body should and always come with a doctor's go signal. Sometimes, a plain-looking OTC paracetamol tablet could be enough to cause dislodgement of the baby from its hold on the fallopian tube. This is really the tricky part of any pregnancy because the mother should at all times try their very best to stay healthy. Choose not to drink any sort of medicine, especially those OTC drugs that can be handily bought from any drugstore.

Avoiding to Many Sweets

Sweets are perhaps the hardest thing to avoid. Like salty foods, there is really nothing outwardly problematic about this as a lot of expecting moms are guilty of this. The only reason doctors would be against this is that it will make the baby grow so large and the probability of having a normal delivery would be compromised. Shying away from sweets is very much for the sake of the mother. A mothers craving for sweet foods would make them bloat and would only be felt mostly after giving birth. Sometimes, the weight will not return to pre-pregnancy weight levels without a proper pregnancy diet plan. Often times, postpartum depression is caused by the physical changes brought about by giving birth.

Needless to say, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages should not be consumed at any time of the pregnancy period. Most of the abnormalities that have been found on unfortunate babies have been correlated to smoking and alcoholic mothers during their pregnancies.

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