Monday, January 13, 2014

Musli Benefits for Mens Health - Improve Lovemaking Performance

Safed Musli, popularly known as Musli is a strong herbal aphrodisiac, widely used by men to overcome physical and sexual weakness. The roots of this plant contain saponin and different alkaloids that makes it useful as a powerful sex tonic. The presence of a high percentage of glycosides in this plant helps in curing impotency in men. The roots of this plant have been used for centuries in various Ayurvedic and Unani medicines in India and its subcontinent.

Blended with other valuable herbs like Ashwagandha and saffron, Safed Musli is marketed under several brand names. Musli Strong is the most efficient among them. Use of Safed Musli does not produce any side effects and is much effective than Vi-ag-ra along with other health benefits.

This aphrodisiac property of Safed Musli is responsible for its high demand in the global markets especially in the Gulf countries. This demand has driven for a vast cultivation of the plant leading to a high price of the Safed Musli supplements.

Musli benefits

Musli has been the nature's precious gift to mankind that helps in improving the general debility in both men and women. It acts as a powerful health tonic and improves stamina and vitality of the body.

1. Safed Musli is a renowned aphrodisiac that boosts the libido and helps in achieving new heights in lovemaking.

2. It alleviates all sorts of anxiety and stress and helps in building up confidence during lovemaking.

3. It helps in sustaining penile erection to provide more pleasure and enjoyment during lovemaking.

4. It efficiently treats other sexual disorders like premature ejaculation and low sperm count.

5. The various ingredients in the roots of Safed Musli help in revitalizing the endocrine and the reproductive system of the body.

6. As a powerful health tonic, it boosts the body immunity system and reduces fatigue.

7. In combating mental stress and depression, this herb plays a very important role.

8. Musli also improves the insulin activities in the body that helps in treating all sorts of diabetes.

9. It helps in enhancing the levels of good cholesterol and checks the body weight.

10. This herb strengthens and increases the volume of the muscles, which is helpful for the bodybuilders.

11. Musli has anti-inflammatory properties and so is also used in treating various forms of arthritis.

12. In case of jaundice, this herb helps in enhancing the liver functions.

13. In women, this herb helps in reducing the frigidity, vaginal dryness and enhances the sexual desire. It also helps in treating various pre-natal and post natal problems.

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