Sunday, June 16, 2013

Essential Nutrients and a Healthy Diet For Pregnant Woman

The nutrients consumed in a healthy diet for pregnant woman serve mother and child in different ways. Of course, these nutrients continue to perform all the duties required of them prior to pregnancy. During pregnancy, however, more demands are placed on the essential nutrients as part of a healthy diet for pregnancy and baby's growth.

Only the best pregnancy diet will be able to provide all the extra nutrients needed for normal body function as well as normal fetal development and other pregnancy-specific functions.

Vitamin A: Vital for Healthy Pregnancy

Vitamin A is a vital, but often unappreciated, element of a healthy diet for pregnancy. It attributes greatly to eye health. Want those baby's baby blues to see clearly? Get your Vitamin A.

Vitamin A also helps to speed healing after baby is born. Some women also find Vitamin A in adequate amounts during the first trimester tames the symptoms of morning sickness.

Folic Acid: The Essential Nutrient for Pregnancy

In recent years, folic acid has enjoyed the spotlight. It has been promoted as an essential nutrient in the diet for pregnant woman. Folic acid helps mom's body manufacture red blood cells, an essential part of healthy pregnancy. It also supports the body in other metabolic processes.

Folic acid deficiencies post high stakes risk for baby as well. A deficiency in folic acid has been connected to brain and spinal birth defects. Getting enough of this B vitamin early in pregnancy can prevent these serious abnormalities.

How Vitamin C Benefits the Gestational Period

This citrus vitamin helps to support the mother's immune system protecting her and her unborn child from illness during those critical nine months. Vitamin C also helps to speed healing and increases elasticity. Both of these properties are of benefit to mom during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Without Vitamin C the growing baby is not as able to create collagen. Ligaments, tendons, cartilage and skin all use Vitamin C's ability to manufacture collagen for proper growth.

These essential nutrients are only part of the many vitamins and minerals that comprise a healthy diet for pregnancy. If you are left wondering, "What should I eat during pregnancy to get all the nutrients needed?" you are not alone. Prenatal vitamins are only the start.

To answer the question, "What should I eat during pregnancy?" mothers-to-be need to examine every part of diet and nutrition. Select only those elements that comprise the best pregnancy diet options. The foods most beneficial to a healthy diet for pregnancy are generally fresh, minimally processed (if they are processed at all) and free from chemical additives.

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