Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Female Infertility Herbs to Help You Get Pregnant

The stress and strife of modern life take a frightening toll upon the female body: far many more women struggle to conceive than in prior generations. Western medical science (allopathy) attempts to cure infertility, with only limited success. Synthetic hormones and other prescription drugs may prove effective, however not only are they expensive, they come with side effects detrimental if not outright dangerous to the health of the average woman. A far safer way to get pregnant fast is the use of holistic infertility treatments.

Herbalism - A Traditional Healing Modality

The most common holistic infertility treatment comes from the scientific discipline of herbalism. Herbalism as the modern treatment modality for infertility derives from natural remedies thousands of years old. Furthermore, herbal infertility treatments have been thoroughly researched in China.

Siberian Ginseng - A Way to Get Pregnant Naturally

Varieties of ginseng have been used by the Chinese to promote health and vitality; the most effective of these for the woman having difficulty conceiving is Siberian ginseng. Siberian ginseng is the root of the plant Eleutherococcus senticosis. Ginsengs generally strengthen the immune system and improve cognitive function (concentration, memory, and mood), however, unlike the more common Panax variety, Siberian ginseng lowers blood pressure. Additionally, it increases the libido, supports the health of the uterus, and aligns the female hormones into balance:

Cure Infertility With Chasteberry

A second herb often used in traditional Chinese medicine is chasteberry, the fruit of the chaste tree, a small shrub indigenous to Central Asia and the Mediterranean. Also known as monk's pepper or vitex, chasteberry grants numerous salutary effects for female health. These include the relief of menstrual dysphoria such as PMS, the heightened production of breast milk, and the increase of fertility: chasteberry increases the body's natural production of luteinizing hormone.

Beyond Herbs - The Mind / Body Connection

A final yet vital concern in holistic pregnancy is the relation between the mind and the body. Emotions affect biochemistry; stress, anxiety, worry, and fatigue tax the body. To conceive and carry a healthy baby while using natural infertility cures, a woman should care for her emotional health with such tools as meditation, hatha yoga, and aromatherapy. Finally, a proper diet will augment systemic health, and provide nutrition to improve the mother's health - and that of her child.

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