Thursday, August 8, 2013

About 30 Discounts You'll Receive On Momentum's Wellness Programme

As one of South Africa's leading medical aid schemes Momentum Health's primary wellness programme, Multiply, will not only guarantee South Africans optimal health as its sole benefit, but will also let them receive more than 30 other benefits. This is apart from the massive HealthReturns (up to R5 400) that they may earn as an incentive for signing up.

Multiply, understands the importance of providing the best health benefits at an affordable price to each and every client in South Africa. Hence, they only work with the best providers to give you the best in fitness and overall wellness.

Of course, when Momentum says optimal health benefits, they mean that they only partner with the best in travel, leisure, shopping and health. More than 30 providers in these categories can offer you great discounts upon becoming a member of Momentum's wellness programme, Multiply. Here's a closer look at some of the great benefits that these affiliates may offer you.


Planet Fitness: This fitness club offers edgy fitness equipment and tailored programs to help you achieve the body and mindset that you would love to have. Be a member of Multiply and get discounted membership rates here. Depending on the type of membership, you might even get to use the gym for free!

Virgin Active: After paying a minimal activation fee, you can enjoy discounted membership rates at this fitness center with state of the art fitness equipment and facilities.

Wellness Coaching Network: Of course, how can you possibly know what will work best for your health without knowing your overall health condition first? Being in the wellness industry for 15 years, the Wellness Coaching Network can give you discounted assessment fees once you sign up for Multiply.


Mango: Depending on your Multiply membership type, you can enjoy 20-50% discount on domestic flights with Mango which covers trips from Johannesburg and Durban, Durban and Cape Town, Johannesburg and Cape Town, and Bloemfontein and Cape Town.

Low Cost Domestic Airline: Should you have any travel destinations not covered by Mango, you can also enjoy the same discount benefits with Low Cost Domestic Airline.

Virgin Atlantic: If you're up for international travels to Europe or the North Atlantic, then you can enjoy a 15-40% discount on international flight airfare at Virgin Atlantic upon signing up for Multiply.

Protea Hotels: Multiply members can maximize their stay in their destination through enjoying 25-45% discount rates at 3-5 star hotels, lodges and country houses from Protea.


Canon: Capturing and sharing moments has never been this affordable! Be a multiply member and enjoy 10-40% discounts on selected Canon products.

Bushnell Sports Optics: Noted for its tagline - "A Better Way of Seeing the World", Bushnell has been in the Optics industry for more than 50 years. With its continuous innovation and established credentials, who's to say that you won't enjoy its 10-40% discount rate on selected products like binoculars, range finders and sports eyewear?

NuMetro: If you are quite the movie buff, then you will enjoy the discounted rates at Nu Metro simply by showing their Multiply membership card at the ticket counter.

These are simply some of the wonderful benefits that you can enjoy upon choosing to work with Multiply. Among other affiliates include Virgin Life Care, Health 24 and Money Sense for your assessment needs, as well as Momentous Baby and Preggi Bellies Training for Two for those who have maternity needs.

Maximize your medical aid health benefits and enjoy these great discounts at the same time; sign up for your membership and take a step closer to attaining your optimal health condition.

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