Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lifestyle Changes to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, there are many healthy choices that you need to make so that you and your baby can stay healthy. This might mean making changes in your diet or taking more vitamins - whatever the alterations are, you need to be sure that they will have a beneficial as opposed to harmful effect on you and your baby's health.

Food and Drink

Needless to say, alcohol is something you should be avoiding during your pregnancy. Multiple studies have shown the many serious and harmful effects that alcohol can have on your baby's development.

A healthy, balanced diet is good for your pregnant body - and don't believe the myth that you're eating for two. An extra 300 calories can be added to your diet but that is generally only during the last month of your pregnancy!

You will need protein, plenty of fruit and veg, carbs, fat and dairy - make sure you get a good balance of food so that your body has the fuel it needs to sustain your health.

Lifestyle Choices

Smoking causes many birth complications and health problems for your baby, so quit straight away. There are a few random things that might not affect you such as avoiding sheep during the lambing season (strange but true), but you must also avoid using a sauna or hot tub as overheating can be harmful, avoid using solvent paint if decorating, and don't go on sun beds as your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy.

Illness Prevention

Take your vitamins - this will keep your immune system strong and make it less likely that you will get ill during your pregnancy. Folic acid and iron are just two of the vitamins that every pregnant woman needs to stay strong and healthy, but if you are not getting enough of these through diet alone, then ask your doctor if it is safe to take supplements.

Travelling When Pregnant

Many airlines won't allow you to travel if you are over 36 weeks pregnant. However, some women like to avoid air travel altogether just for peace of mind.

Deep vein thrombosis or blood clots can be common on long haul flights, so try to keep your legs moving around, even if you don't leave your chair. Travel in terms of driving or walking is fine - walking can keep you fit without overexertion and driving is allowed right up to your due date!

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