Saturday, August 10, 2013

Infrared Sauna Use During Pregnancy Period

Saunas are known even from the high antiquity as establishments for carrying out many public health and treatment procedures. Many different types of saunas were developing through the centuries in many countries, but all of them were intended for one major purpose - purification and health improvement of the human body and its organs. Each of such saunas had its advantages and beneficial factors for the entire health system.

As now we're living in the modern world so we expect that sauna will bring some modern and advanced technologies for our own needs. And thus, here we have an infrared saunas developed by Japanese scientists to meet all our requirements to be able to perfect our health.
Well, the advantages infrared saunas provide women are enormous. They say that "Sauna steams, sauna heals, sauna will correct everything".

For many nations sauna was and still is the place where children were born and where old people died. The custom of ancient women to give birth in the sauna is still actual nowadays. An infrared sauna, especially your own infrared sauna, is a sterile room from the bacteriological point of view . Sauna has perfect conditions for giving birth in it: there are a lot of warm water, beneficial air temperature not only for birthing mother, but for the new born as well.

In case during the whole period of pregnancy the woman correctly followed all the rules of infrared sauna use, the act of delivery is happening significantly easier and in the matter of time the whole period is shorter. Pregnant women suffering from varicose veins of lower limbs, who have had infrared sauna session during pregnancy period, notice the reduction of this disorder, that is connected with the hypersthenia of the vascular system, and what also helps to reduce tendency to collapse. Birthing mother experience less pains that happens due to the increased elasticity of ligamentous apparatus, reduction of muscles strains, the beneficial influence of infrared sauna over the vegetative nervous system. Nursing women have increased lactation activity.

NotaBene!!! Be sure to consult with your gynecologist before using infrared sauna while pregnancy, in your particular case. Contra Indications: Avoid using any saunas and any procedures in case of abnormal pregnancy!

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