Monday, November 25, 2013

What Can a Man Do For His Pregnant Wife? 10 Simple Ways to Help Out Around the House

The announcement of pregnancy often heralds joy and anxiety. The fun of having additions to the family is worth looking forward to. During the course of pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes occur in the woman's body. Therefore, a lot of understanding is required from the man to manage the pregnancy process.

Many expectant fathers mistakenly believe that their role in their child's life doesn't begin or matter until the baby is about two years old, walking, talking or can play interactively.NO! Indeed, the father-child bond begins the moment you learn your partner is pregnant and only increases in importance and impact when the baby is born.

The bond between mother and child is very natural and divine. There is nothing as pleasurable as feeling the twist and kick of the baby inside of you. The man on the other hand can only imagine but could take extra effort to get involved in his partner's pregnancy process through the following means:

  1. Arouse your curiosity.Learn as much as possible before the baby arrives - attend prenatal appointments and childbirth classes, read books, and watch movies. Be proactive in your self-education.

  2. Exercise during pregnancy. Walk or swim together. Both are safe exercises and provide time together.Be sure your partner gets enough rest.Encourage her to use relaxation exercises and join in. Stress can be very harmful to both mother and baby.

  3. Discuss any anxiety, concerns, fears, or apprehensions about fatherhood you have with your partner. She will most likely appreciate your honesty and willingness to communicate and share your feelings, and together you can work through your anxiety.

  4. Tell your wife to inform you whenever the baby kicks. Place your hand on her tummy and you would have a first hand experience of life in the womb.Place your hear to the tummy and you'd feel the breathing. Its an exciting way to feel.

  5. Communicate with the unborn. Its a very good way to bond. Learn to sing with the baby in the womb. Discuss with the baby, express your feelings, how the entire family is waiting to have him/her around, how important the baby is to the family and every other positive things you can imagine. It helps to have a happy baby. Direct positive thoughts and loving feelings to your unborn child. Visualize yourself holding, touching, rocking, or talking to your child. Think about the kind of father you want to be to your child.

  6. Help your partner stay healthy during pregnancy. Help her eat many different foods. Watch what you eat too. If you eat right, you will make it easier for her. Help your partner stay away from alcohol. Alcohol can cause birth defects. Encourage her to drink juice or milk.

  7. Help plan for the baby. Talk with your partner about what you both want for your baby. Discuss likely names, save a little money each week and plan ahead for delivery. It will make it easier once the baby arrives.

  8. Avoid arguments and quarrels with your partner at this period so you don't end up with a moody child. Studies show that if your partner is happy, she passes her happiness to the fetus inside. Remember the cord linking them is so strong that it transmits everything to the unborn. Create a warm environment, talk out differences in a supportive way. If you find yourself becoming angry and having difficulty controlling negative feelings, seek out counseling. Never use physical force, intimidation, belittling comments, or other abusive behaviors. These are not productive for any relationship and are especially harmful during pregnancy.

  9. The effect of pregnancy differs from one person to the other. Some women could be irritating and dislike a lot of things around them. Some may feel fatigue most times hence domestic chores becomes daunting. At this point, try and offer all assistance you can render to make the process smooth. Show love, care and attention.

  10. Find a "New Fathers" support group or talk to other men who have had or are going to have new babies. Share feelings, ideas on supporting the pregnant mom, and tips to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

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