Friday, January 24, 2014

Early Signs of Pregnancy Help to Detect Pregnancy Even Before You Miss a Period

Most women think that first sign of getting pregnant is missed period. No doubt it is the most well-known sign of being pregnant. Most women detect their pregnancy when they notice they have missed their period.

The majority of the women would be surprised to know there are many other signs of pregnancy that can help to detect conception even before this pregnancy sign. Planning pregnancy is an instance that puts a woman on high alert to the changes in the body and the woman should look for the very early pregnancy symptoms.

So are there any signs of becoming pregnant?

Breast Changes: Changes in the breasts are one of the very early pregnancy symptoms. The breasts of the pregnant woman appear swollen. They may also become tender and painful to touch. This change takes place because of the hormonal changes. Some women even feel tingling sensations in their breasts. Sometimes the beasts also become very itchy. The nipple area may become sore. The areolas get darker. The increased supply of blood towards breasts causes the veins to become more obvious. The blood supply increases to prepare for the breast-feeding.

Tiredness: Feeling tired and fatigued soon after conception is a common very early pregnancy symptom. The reason is the increased level of progesterone hormone. This hormone is essential for preparing the uterus lining for the implantation.

Cramping: Cramping is also a very early pregnancy symptom it is termed "implantation cramping". It generally takes place when the fertilized egg travel towards the uterus and attached itself in the uterus lining. This cramping is generally felt before 3 to 7 days before the next periods are due. Some women also experience slight bleeding along with cramping. Sometimes this implantation bleeding is considered an early period.

Excessive Urination: It is a trademark of pregnancy. The body starts to produce more blood soon after implantation. This is to ensure the adequate blood supply to placenta, baby and uterus. The increased blood production results in an increased blood passing through urine and kidneys. This is an earliest pregnancy symptom noticed by most women.

There are bright chances that if you are pregnant you will notice any one of the early sign of being pregnant. The easiest way for detecting pregnancy is with the help of a pregnancy test. There are different types of pregnancy tests. Most of these tests work by estimating the presence of a pregnancy hormone termed human chorionic gonadtotrophin. Some pregnancy tests are very sensitive and can give a clear positive result before a missed period.

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