Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tips For Safe and Comfortable Car Travel While Pregnant

Pregnant women should avoid car travel as much as possible. However, this is not always possible to stay without travel for nine months because there are emergencies and other reasons that would necessitate car travel.

If you do not take precautions, car travel while pregnant could be unhealthy and uncomfortable, but there are several tips that will make it both healthy and comfortable. You should take snacks with you. This will help ensure that you are well nourished and it will help prevent having to buy food on the way. Such food may not be nutritious or safe enough. Having a nutritious diet while traveling will help with problems such as morning sickness, problems related to blood sugar, and feeling faint.

You should take as many stretch breaks as you can - the recommended interval is one hour. You should therefore consider this when planning your journey. Taking stretch breaks will help you prevent soreness, blood clots, and stiffness.

You should always be prepared for the birth, especially if you are more than seven months pregnant. You should not wait until you are nine months pregnant because the baby can come earlier. Always carry your prenatal records and your insurance card.

You should drink plenty of fluids while travelling since travelling causes dehydration. You should note that being thirsty is not the only sign that your body needs to be hydrated and so you should drink water or other fluids regularly.

Make sure you dress appropriately because you will not always have control of the temperature in the car. You should wear many layers since you will be warm when you need to be and you can remove some to be cool if you need to be. Many women think that seatbelts put too much pressure on the stomach.

While there is some pressure on the stomach, studies have shown that failing to put a seatbelt on is more dangerous. On top of this, the law does not exempt you from wearing a seatbelt just because you are pregnant.

There are no laws or reasons that prevent you from driving while pregnant. You should consider the size of your bump since it might be uncomfortably close to the steering. However, it is always better to have someone with you, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy. When driving alone, make sure you have a mobile phone.

Many pregnant women are of the opinion that airbags are unsafe for the baby. The truth is that failing to have airbags is more dangerous. However, you should move the seat back from the dash or the steering wheel. If your car has an adjustable steering wheel, tilt it in such a way that it is away from your stomach. You should put a pillow in the small of the back if you are having backaches, you should push the seat backward to have space to move your feet, and you should consider having crystallized ginger that you can suck on if you are suffering from morning sickness.

If you are having a difficult pregnancy, seek advice from your doctor on how to travel in a car.

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