Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Get Pregnant Fast - Getting Pregnant With Ease

If you knew how to get pregnant fast, what would you do? Would you hop right on your honey and start planning the nursery afterwards? Would you start fantasizing about the ways that you'll break the news to your family and friends? Would you spend hours reading up on the pregnancy websites so that you know what to expect?

Many couples struggle with getting pregnant. In fact, the average couple can take six months to get pregnant, with some couples trying for a year or more! Everyone expects conceiving a child to be easy and come naturally. After all, you always hear stories about people who became pregnant when they didn't want to be. Why should you be able to get pregnant quickly?

The truth is that couples often make many mistakes when trying to conceive a baby. They may be eating the wrong foods, having sex at the wrong time and doing it in the wrong positions.

These tips can help you to get pregnant fast:

  1. Have sex just before ovulation. If you wait until you know that ovulation has occurred, you may have missed the boat. Test strips are currently the most accurate way to tell when you're ovulating.

  2. Eat right and get healthy. Stop smoking and drinking excessively. This puts you in the right mindset for getting pregnant, which can go a long way in ensuring that it actually happens.

  3. Avoid gravity. Well, you can't actually avoid gravity, but you can avoid having sex in positions where gravity can draw sperm out of the body, such as woman-on-top or standing sex. Instead, stick with the basics and try missionary position.

  4. Have an orgasm. The internal muscle spasms can help the sperm enter your cervix and reach the egg. For this to work, it's best to have your orgasm after your partners. This way, there will be more sperm in your vagina.

  5. Do the baby dance regularly. Sperm can last a few days in your body, so if you have sex in the days leading up to ovulation, you're more likely to get pregnant. Of course, how do you know for sure which day you're going to ovulate? If you've ovulated, it's too late. Buy yourself some "insurance" by having sex frequently.

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