Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Reasons Why Massage is Great For Babies and Children's Health and Well Being

1. Enhances the parent-infant bond - bonding between you and your newborn may not happen straight away. Massage is special one-to-one time; an activity you can do with your baby and enjoy together.

2. Strengthens the immune system - massage has shown to increase the number of antibodies which help fight off infection. Stress hormones are reduced thus improving the immune system. Massaging on a daily basis is ideal for your baby. Once a day rather than once a week is best for your baby; this is how your baby will benefit from massage. Regularity and consistency is the key!

3. Relieves wind, 'colic' or constipation - massaging your baby's abdomen using specific massage strokes and exercises may help relieve abdominal wind and colic if performed on a regular basis. This is a natural way you are able to assist your baby's discomfort. It is very important to massage in a CLOCKWISE direction as this is the direction or flow of the intestinal system. When looking at your baby, always start on the left hand side massaging gently across to the right hand side.

4. Improves sleep - massage will help your baby regulate their sleep pattern by increasing the serotonin levels and by regulating the amount of melatonin, which helps induce sleep.

5. Assists with relieving post-natal depression - did you know as many as one in seven new parents are affected by post-natal depression? Learning how to massage your baby with a certified infant massage instructor will allow you to understand your baby's body language (non-verbal cues). It is a wonderful opportunity to take time to nurture both yourself and your baby in a supportive, relaxing environment.

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