Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Pregnant Fast - Could The Law Of Attraction Help You Have A Baby If You Are Having Problems?

If you are a woman who has tried to get pregnant and is having problems, you know how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be. Especially when you hear about how other women "accidentally" got pregnant, or when you see beautiful babies at the mall, at stores, and everywhere else.

But don't give up! Getting pregnant with a beautiful child could be just around the corner!

If you believe in the Law Of Attraction (as stated in THE SECRET), then you know that if you focus on something, you tend to bring it to you. You tend to create circumstances in your life that mirror what you are focusing on.

If you focus on how little you have and money problems, guess what? Money problems tend to keep haunting you.

If you are having problems getting pregnant, are you focusing on getting pregnant, and on how wonderful it will be to have a baby, and on preparing your body to carry a new life?

Or are you focusing on "It's not happening for me!" Do you think "I can't get pregnant!" most of the time? Are you continually stressed out about how difficult it is to get pregnant?

I am not suggesting that women having problems getting pregnant can all suddenly "attract" their way to pregnancy. Every woman having difficulties should seek out a doctor to make sure there are not physical or chemical reasons.

But if there is no hard and fast reason you're not getting pregnant, which is the case for millions of women whom doctors tell "We don't know why" - could it be that you are focusing on how difficult it is, and attracting more difficulty? Could you be creating a negative mindset that tells your body, "It is hard to get pregnant," and therefore end up attracting that reality?

This is a question you must answer for yourself. But if you find that you are stressed out and overwhelmingly negative about your past attempts to get pregnant, maybe a shift in attitude and focus could help in the future.

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