Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Fibroids Make Me Look Pregnant - Help!

"My fibroids make me look pregnant!" you exclaim. Sadly, fibroids can indeed cause your abdomen to swell so much that you can appear be be carrying an unborn baby. The extent to the swelling varies from woman to woman depending on the size of their fibroids but the uncomfortable truth is that if fibroids are left untreated, they are more likely to increase in size and rarely decrease unless you happen to be approaching the menopause.

This leaves women with some difficult decisions.

Conventional treatment for fibroids often leaves many women feeling very disappointed, particularly when they learn to their despair that drug treatment and even surgery only offer temporary solutions. Indeed, this is why many doctors recommend a "watchful waiting" approach.

If there can be a "good" thing about fibroids it is that they are rarely dangerous. This means that although they can be extremely uncomfortable and often cause terrible symptoms, you are unlikely to be doing yourself any harm by carefully considering your treatment options. Of course, if your fibroids are so large that they make you look pregnant, then you are probably wanting to do something sooner rather than later!

There are a number of natural treatments which can help you to deal with the symptoms of abdominal swelling. For example, lying with your legs elevated and stretching out your lower back can relieve discomfort. Also, fibroids which are large enough to cause abdominal swelling are also likely to cause other problematic symptoms such as urinary incontinence, constipation and sexual difficulties.

If you are indeed one of the many women who feel "My fibroids make me look pregnant" it may be worth considering trying a natural treatment. Many women have discovered that by eliminating the root causes of their fibroids, effectively neutralising the body so that fibroids cannot thrive there, they have managed to shrink their fibroids completely, thus completely flattening their stomachs.

The approach used encompasses significant dietary and lifestyle changes, cleansing regimes, toxin elimination, stress management and gentle exercise.

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