Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pregnancy and Flying - Is There a Restriction?

"Pregnancy and Flying" is one of the major concerns of moms-to-be who love traveling. Is it really safe to fly while you're pregnant? In general, flying is almost always completely safe during pregnancy so there's no need for you to change your travel plans unless your health care provider tells you so. If you have a healthy pregnancy, you shouldn't have to worry about being in a flight. However, the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) recommends women not to fly anymore after their 36th week. The airline company usually sets its own flight restrictions and sometimes different rules apply for domestic and international flights.

Different airlines have varying policies regarding pregnancy and flying. Singapore Airlines and Virgin Blue can accept pregnant women up to their 35th week. If pregnancy is up to limiting dates, you should have a certificate of fitness for travel from your doctor. If one month has elapsed between booking and departure date, you need a new doctor's certificate. It must be issued no more than three days outside your departure date. Other airlines will not allow you to travel if you are just 30 days before your delivery date. Others are not too strict that they still let pregnant women to fly as long as your due date is not less than 7 days away. This is normally for domestic flights.

Make sure you talk to your ticket agent regarding pregnancy and flying and what certain rules apply to the airlines you choose. Don't forget to consider your due date when you choose the date that you will come back.

If you are having any sort of complications with your pregnancy, it is not advisable for you to travel. Women who have poorly controlled diabetes, sickle cell disease, placental abnormalities, hypertension are at risk for premature labor. Your doctor should be able to tell you whether it's perfectly safe for you to travel or not.

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