Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Five Things to Do After A Positive Pregnancy Test

There are a number of things you should do after you take a pregnancy test and it turns out to be positive. You can start stocking up on diapers and wipes, you can set up a crib and paint the nursery, etc. However, here are the top five things you should do after a positive pregnancy test:

1. Tell your spouse, friends, and family. It helps to get some people on your side. Many doctors will tell you not to let the news out of the bag until you are at least twelve to fourteen weeks along and you are past the point of the highest miscarriage rate. However, sometimes those first twelve to fourteen weeks are also the weeks where you feel the sickest and need the most support as your body transitions to pregnancy and often leaves you feeling ill and exhausted. So, get your support team in place. Make sure your husband or significant other is in place ready to pick up the slack on the days you just need to stay in bed.

2. Get anti-nausea foods, and foods to help you eat right. If you have taken a positive pregnancy test, it is time to throw out the junk foods, and stock your fridge with anti-nausea and high health foods. You will want plenty of fresh foods, lean protein, whole grain, etc. This will help your day to day health improve, and give your baby all of the vitamins, minerals, etc. that it needs to be healthy and born on time, etc. It is also going to mean you bounce back from pregnancy faster, have more energy and feel better throughout it.

3. Set an appointment to see your doctor. You will want to call your OBGYN as soon as the stick tells you that you are pregnant. You will want to make sure that you start getting treatment and care from the beginning of your pregnancy. This will help you avoid problems, will ensure better care for your baby, and of course get you all the perks like knowing for sure you are pregnant, hearing the heart beat, seeing the fetus on the ultrasound monitor, etc.

4. Rest up. The next thing you want to consider is the fact that during the later stages of pregnancy you will be uncomfortable and won't sleep well. After your baby is born, you will find that sleep is not something that comes readily, especially since you are going to be up all night with crying, feedings, and diaper changes. So, don't go into with sleep deprivation. Get your sleep bank as full as possible, it will make life a little easier for you in the long run.

5. Start taking prenatal vitamins. They may taste gross, and could make you feel sick, but they can also make sure your baby is healthy, and prevent some serious problems. So, ask for a prescription from your doctor's office, and take them daily.

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