Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Great Health Benefits Unborn Babies Get From DHA and Fish Oil

There's nothing else that a parent would want for their kids than for them to grow healthy and strong. What they may not know, however, is that they can already give themselves such assurance even before their babies are born.

Researchers agree that pregnant women should take fish oil supplements while they're still pregnant-and it's for a variety of reasons:

1. Fish oil can boost the coordination of the eyes and hands of the baby.

A body of a fish is rich with essential oils, which, in turn, contain a very useful acid called DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid. According to studies, DHA can improve and effectively develop fundamental parts of a baby, such as his eyes, hands, and the brain. In fact, it has been inferred that one of the reasons why premature babies are always at risk from brain and eye damage is because their mothers lack DHA in their bodies.

Growing up, fish oil and DHA can improve the coordination of the hands and eyes of the baby tremendously. They have sharp vision and can display exceptional motor skills even as a toddler.

2. Fish oil can help improve the IQ of the child.

Though there isn't any clear evidence that can link IQ with breast-feeding of children, there are still several researchers who believe that breast milk contains substances that cannot be found in any other type of milk, such as from cow or commercial milking brands. They believe that milk coming from mothers contain DHA which can help develop the brain of a baby. This theory is further backed by a research which found its publication in perinatology journal. It states that mothers who consumed liver oil from codfish during 18 weeks of their pregnancy and when they start to breast-feed produce babies with higher IQs.

3. Fish oil can improve the immune system of the baby.

Codfish liver oil can promote efficient immune system for the babies. Mothers who take these supplements while they're still pregnant can minimize the tendency of the child to develop allergies to dust mite and house cat. It also reduces allergic reactions to food. Eczema, which is a common skin disease among infants, is unlikely to occur on babies whose mothers have taken fish oil supplements during their pregnancy.

4. Fish oil promotes healthy nervous system.

Fish oil, which is also rich in Omega-3, is essential when it comes to the development of a child's central nervous system. Thus, if a woman takes in fish oil supplements during their pregnancy, they are reducing the risk of cerebral palsy in their child. It's recommended, though, that this suggestion should be adhered to strictly during the last trimester of their pregnancy because the baby's brain starts to become fully develop by then.

5. Fish oil can allow mothers take care of their babies more effectively.

Indirectly, DHA and fish oil can allow mothers take care of their infants more effectively. Besides reducing the risk of increasing their blood pressure while they're giving birth or, worse, develop preclampsia, which can be very deadly, these important fatty acids can also ease the development of post-natal blues or post-partum depression.

Good Baby Nutrition Starts With the Mommy

Good nutrition shouldn't only be limited to the baby alone. Mothers too should take note of their own health. Fish oil and DHA provides a win-win situation for both the infant and the mother. Thus, make fish eating part of your diet. In fact, you should take in oily fish at least between 2 and 3 times each week. If you're not so keen of eating fish, you can look for a fish oil concentrate. Meanwhile, don't ever forget to include your doctor with your plans. Keep in mind that not all fish oil capsules available are safe. It may help you if you can ask for some recommendations from your physicians. You basically don't want to endanger your baby and yourself, do you?

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