Friday, April 5, 2013

Altruistic Surrogacy Vs Commercial Surrogacy

Surrogacy requires one to be high on moral and ethical standards basically because of the large amounts of money involved in the whole process. It should also be noted that intended parents who are without children are asking a lot by requesting a total stranger to get pregnant and carry there child through the nine month period and surrender the child to them when the time is due after a successful birth. Further more, due to the infertility of the intended couple; the surrogate mother will take the place of the intended mother by carrying the infant through the nine month period.

There is the traditional aspect of surrogacy where by the sperms of the father will be artificially inseminated to the surrogate mother which will technically make the surrogate mother the biological parent by law. On that note; it is considered as a fact that will cause problems with some people moral ethics and standards. In cases whereby you will find that the couple in fertile a sperm donor has to be used to make the intended surrogate mother pregnant.

In the gestational method, the surrogates' mothers' egg will be artificially fertilized with the intended fathers' sperm in a lab and later placed in the surrogate mothers' womb to be nature until the pregnancy term is completed to the final month.

The third method is mainly used when the mother can not sustain the infant in her womb for the nine months pregnancy term. The above can also be due to medical reasons that may hinder the mother carry the baby to term. During this period the surrogate mother will be receiving some money for expenditure or reimbursements for her for any cost incurred from her own pocket during the nine month period caring the infant. This money can also be referred to as the base fee. Due to a high possibility of a miscarriage in the first three months which are very sensitive, the base fee is usually paid in installment so as to avoid excess or over paying the surrogate mother in case the baby does not make it through the in tended labor period.

The surrogate mother is handsomely paid for the period she carried the infant for the nine months till the babies' successful delivery. Do note that the amounts paid in installments gradually increase as the pregnancy advances in it later stages thus the base money will result to a larger amounts of money through the nine month period. This may leave many people wondering why it costs a lot in the United States of America but the attorneys and the legal systems in general may ask for a lot more than any judge will agree but if it did happen it would due to the agreement made in the draft contract between the surrogates and the intended parents. You will find in different countries the cost is much less but basically its all comes to the interest of money.

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