Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aromatherapy to Treat Postpartum Depression

The majority of women do not suffer any kind of adverse reaction after childbirth, except to be emotional, easily upset and overtired. For a minority, however, it can be a very different story with a change of mood some time after the initial excitement following the birth. This usually coincides with the sudden change in hormone levels due to the commencement of lactation. New mothers can be highly sensitive, prone to weeping and possibly become irrational and suffer from depression. Loss of sleep and fatigue lead to anxiety, panic attacks and unnecessary worry. This is now recognized to be post-natal depressive illness, which can vary from a mild form to very severe cases which are quite rare.

Fortunately for sufferers, there is treatment for all forms of post-natal depression and a full recovery can occur. Aromatherapy is known to be helpful in preventing cases of post-natal issues. By using essential oils they can make life more pleasant and counteract any negative feeling that one might have.

How Aromatherapy Can Help

There have been numerous new mothers who have successfully used aromatherapy treatments to manage and assist in their fight against depression. There is hope out there in the form of natural treatments which do work. Having the assistance of a supportive aromatherapist can be of great help, as someone who listens and eases the new mothers concerns and answers her questions. It is a good idea to begin treatments before giving birth for maximum benefits but starting post birth is acceptable also. Having regular aromatherapy massages are very relaxing and beneficial to the mother. It is advisable to have a weekly massage. If you can't get to a massage therapist, self-massage is an alternative.

To feel uplifted and elevate your mood, use rosemary, cypress, bergamot or lemongrass. To feel calm and relaxed use lavender, chamomile or ylang ylang. Please note these essential oils should only be used diluted in a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond in massage after childbirth, not whilst pregnant. Due to the potent nature of oils, tangerine oil is the only acceptable choice during pregnancy. The selection of the essential oils used during the massage can impact on the desired outcome. As cases of post-natal depression differ from one individual to another it is best to consult with your aromatherapy massage therapist as to which oils will meet your needs.

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