Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where To Find Medical Secretary Jobs In Canada

The best place to look for Medical Secretary or Medical Office Administration jobs would be the internet. Most employers that you would be working for, be it hospitals or small offices, are computerized and now post all available jobs online.

Some websites to browse for Medical Secretary job listings and to post your resume would be:

You should Google your job search and check as many websites and job listings as you feel necessary. Be sure to also check your local online classifieds such as and for job postings. It is not recommended to post you resume with your personal information on these sites but you could certainly post a listing giving some basic information about the job you are looking for and your skills without using identifying information.

You can often find Medical Office Administration career listings on hospital specific websites such as (Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital in Toronto, ON), (made up of six hospitals including McMaster University Hospital and the Children's Hospital, a renowned Cancer Centre, and an Urgent Care Centre all located in Hamilton, ON), (St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, ON), and (comprised of seven acute care sites in the Niagara Region of Ontario including the Greater Niagara General Site in Niagara Falls, ON and the Hotel Dieu Hospital in St. Catharines, ON). There are all sorts of listings on sites specific to your province or state so use the web search tool of your choice to hopefully increase the number of jobs available to you.

Do not overlook the classified ads in your local newspapers as well. There are still a few offices that are seriously old school and are not computerized so they do not advertise online. They will only submit a job listing to their local newspaper. These can provide very good leads that you would not find anywhere else and sometimes they are a little less "crowded" for interviews since they are not advertised online and not all applicants take the time or opportunity to further broaden their career options.

Many jobs may be listed as part-time or as a one-year contract or temporary full-time. These are often positions that are available because that office's receptionist is off for a maternity leave. Jobs like this are great for building up your experience that will land you those jobs in the hospitals that will potentially pay you more and have better benefits.

Remember to apply for jobs at local retirement homes and long-term care facilities. With your Medical Secretary training you would also be able to apply for jobs with your local government healthcare office, alternative health offices such as chiropractic or massage or physiotherapy clinics, and insurance companies to name a few examples for you. You have quite a few options available to you if you are looking for something other than a hospital or doctor's office specifically. Although some of these options do not utilize all the skills that you acquired during your Medical Office Administration training, they can certainly be fulfilling careers or just the thing you need to gain some experience to get that next level position in your new career.

If you are ever having difficulties finding employment you could always offer your services on a volunteer basis mostly to gain experience. This also looks appealing to an employer since it shows you are dedicated, ambitious and diligent.

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