Monday, December 9, 2013

Alicia Pennington: Author of Plan My Baby (Aka Prince or Princess)

Alicia Pennington is the author and creator of Plan My Baby (also known as prince or princess). Alicia has been a midwife for over twelve years and worked with many expectant mothers.

She found that many couples had a preference for a boy or a girl when trying to get pregnant. Many of them were frustrated over just how little control they had over what was very important to them. Although these parents were happy as long as they had healthy babies with all their fingers and toes, had they been given the techniques to sway mother nature towards their gender of choice they would have used them.

Alicia found this desire to have a baby of a specific gender even greater for couples with multiple children of the one gender (say boys) who desperately want a baby of the other (say a girl). Leaving it to chance can lead to having yet another child of the same gender. This can often lead the mother feeling disappointed and inadequate and greatly increases the chances of postnatal depression. In her work she came across a number of mothers who had gone through just that.

So Alicia turned her attention preconception gender selection techniques and is now a full-time gender selection consultant. She started by testing it on herself. Alicia and her husband wanted to have two children a girl first and then a baby boy. She was able to achieve exactly that. She now has a daughter Marie who is six, and a boy Dylan who is two.

Once she knew the techniques worked she started recommending them to her clients and was astonished by the results. 94% of her clients had a baby in the gender of their choice. Word of Alicia amazing gender selection techniques spread and more and more people wanted to get on board. Her phone started ringing off the hook, including a phone call at four in the morning. So she combined her years of research to deliver the book Plan My Baby so she could share the joy of having the baby of your dreams with everyone.

Plan My Baby is broken up into three easy to follow sections. First Alicia covers ovulation and what time of your cycle has the best conditions for conceiving a boy or a girl. This section covers pH levels and basal body temperatures among other conditions that vary throughout your cycle. Second she covers diet and changes you can make to ensure correct conditions for X or Y chromosome sperm. And last but not least she covers sexual positions.

While nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, this gender selection system, when using things from all three sections, is close to it with a 94% success rate. Try it out for yourself you have nothing to lose.

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