Sunday, December 8, 2013

Benefits of the Bidet on Female Hygiene

The use of the bidet can help in many for woman dealing with different ailments. Here are some ailments that the bidet can treat when it comes to Female Hygiene. Using the bidet daily can aid with these ailments but it won't cure them.

Vaginal Discharge:
Some mucous secretion from the walls of the vagina and neck of the cervix is normal in women of reproductive years. This varies considerably amongst women and at different times during the menstrual cycle. Birth control pills can increase or decrease the discharge and secretions and are particularly greater during pregnancy. Sexual stimulation, with or without intercourse, also produces increased vaginal discharge.

Discharge may be abnormal if it is excessive, offensive smelling, yellow or green in color or if it causes itching. Abnormal vaginal discharge often occurs in Vaginitis. Infection with the Fungus: Candida Albicans causes a thick white discharge.

All of these secretions and discharges can be offensive. Constant use of the bidet, while not being curative of these various afflictions will, dramatically reduce discomfort and most importantly diminish risk of offensive odors to those around the afflicted woman, especially in warmer weather.

Pregnancy and postpartum hygiene:
As soon as the woman is pregnant, her systems and bodily functions start changing, more so the need for the bidet's intimate cleansing and therapeutic benefits to keep her fresh, clean and odor-free. Giving birth is a painful process, be it the first born or the last new arrival to the family. Especially when there's an Episiotomy involved. The Mother being very uncomfortable during the painful healing process. Risk of infection anally or vaginally, odor free hygiene at any time of day or night, as well as being there available to soothe her various perineal afflictions during post partum recovery period.

Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (Cystitis and Urethritis):
Physicians believe in women these problems are largely due to the closeness of the Urinary Meatus (the opening though which urine leaves the vagina) to the anus, where there are fecal bacteria capable of causing infection. Feces are believed to be the main source of bacteria responsible for urinary track infections in women. The bidet provides fresh water wash on a non irritating, thorough cleansing and additional therapeutic benefits for the rectum, perineum, fabina and urethra Avoiding contamination of the urethra is recommended as a preventative measure when dealing with Cystitis and Urethritis. The bidet provides a non irritating fresh water wash and cleansing not achievable through use of dry paper. Irritated skin is soothed and comforted until medication eliminates the yeast infection. Regular use of the bidet immediately upon elimination and urination, of both anus and vagina, should totally eliminate this potential cause for urinary tract infections.

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