Saturday, December 14, 2013

Health Insurance - Less Premium Always Does Not Guarantee Good Coverage For Your Family

Any sort of insurance policy is purchased by the consumers keeping in mind a lot many factors which basically decides whether the insurance cover is suitable for you or not. In the case of health insurance policy, a Good Health Policy includes care of your health needs,brings you Cashless Access, 24/7 access to health advice whenever you need it. On the whole, a program that manages your medical expenses without you paying for them!

A person should very judiciously choose a health insurance cover as, it is the question of you and your family's health care needs which is in question. Some people mistake less premium in an insurance policy for a good plan; however, in reality if you have a closer look at the plan and facilities included in it, you will find that it is only covering a basic percentage of your needs and leaving out some important details to which you have not paid much heed to.

There are insurance policies which have n number of exclusions in their health insurance policy like the plans which cover maternity benefits have normally a gap of 6 years and a normal waiting period of 6 months. Off late there have been new launches of plans where you need to be enrolled for just 2 years to avail maternity benefit and the extra benefit is that your baby gets insured automatically under the policy. Normally, you have to get your baby insured under the cover until the period lasts for the insurance.

In the current times, as we are all aware it is not really simple to make a choice as we are flooded with so many options and it is really a difficult task to pin down one policy which takes care of all the needs and at the same time also suits your budget. So it would be wrong to judge a insurance cover with its monthly premium. It is good to dive deep into benefits and then decide which is the plan that you would like to go ahead and take up for yourself and your family.

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