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Menstruation Disorders - Dysmenorrhea - Acupressure in Tcm Perspective

Girls in Southeast Asia have learnt in their early women life from grandmother wisdoms, that they do not engage in any activity distorting their regular period. Menstrual disorder should be treated immediately, otherwise, it may cause wide range of women diseases, such as infertility, according to Traditional Chinese medicine. In this article, we will discuss how acupressure helps to treat dysmenorrhea.

1. Blood and qi stagnation

a) Blood stagnation

Suggested points for blood stagnation of channels Spleen and stomach are Sp10 (Xuehai), SP6 (Sanyinjiao), SP4 (Gongsun), ST21 (Liangmen) and ST34 (Liangqiu).

b) Qi stagnation

Points of suggestion for qi stagnation of liver, heart and conception vessel channels. LV3 (Taichong), SP6 (Sanyinjiao) PC6 (Neiguan), PC7 (Daling), HT7 (Shenmen) and HT8 (Shenmen).

2. Blood deficiency

Blood deficiency is defined as condition of not enough blood to circulate to the entire body. Points of suggestion for heart, liver and conception channels are BL15 (Xinshu) CV14 (Juque) HT7 (Shennen) LI3 (Taichong).

3. Damp Heat

Suggested points of acupressure for spleen, liver and conception channels are SP3 (Taibai) and SP5 (Shangqiu), SP9 (Yinlingquan), ST36 (Zusanli), and SP6 (Sanyinjiao) CV12 (Zhongwan).

4. Dampness

a) Suggested points of acupressure are SP3 (Taibai) and SP5 (Shangqiu).

b) Wind

Suggested points of acupressure for governing vessel channels are GV14 (Dazhui), GV20 (Baihui), GV16 (Fengfu)

5. Imbalance of Kidney or Liver

a) Suggested points of acupressure for kidney and conception channels are ST36 (Zusanli), (SP6 (Sanyinjiao), GV20 (Baihui), CV4 (Guanyuan) and CV6 (Qihai).

b) Imbalance of liver: Suggested points of acupressure for LV2 (Xingjian), LV3 (taichong), LV14 (Jueyin), GB 34 (Yanglingguan).

The above is only some suggestions and for illustration only, please consult with your acupressure practitioner or acupuncturist before applying.


LV: Liver channel
GB: Gallbladder channel
UB: Bladder channel
CV: Conception vessel channel
SP: Spleen channels LI: Large intestine channel
KD: Kidney channel
GV: Governing vessel channel
TH: Triple heater channel
BL (UB) Bladder
LU: Lung channel
ST: Stomach channel
PC: Pericardium channel
HT: Heart channel
REN (CV): Conception vessel channel

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