Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dangers Inherent to Pregnancy

There are several ways in which a woman takes care of herself (or, neglects to) that can minimize the inherent dangers of pregnancy or, increase the dangers. Of course, when a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she needs to do the best that she can in order to take care of her body (as well as her unborn baby) in preparation to carry a child to full term.

A couple generations ago, there was no accurate way to positively determine if a woman was pregnant. A couple of missed periods would seem to indicate conception but many times it was not a clear indicator, as there are other reasons for missed periods. Today with the fairly accurate tests that can be administered at home, a woman has the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle much earlier in the pregnancy -which is good for baby.

By consulting early on with a physician to ensure that she is on a proper diet, is exercising, is consuming vitamins and does not smoke, drink or partake in any substance abuse, a woman can help eliminate, or at least control, some of these risks that could make her pregnancy more difficult. Proper care by a physician throughout pregnancy should include, as a minimum, regular check-ups as the pregnancy progresses.

Being in close communication with a physician will help to catch any anomalies early and will ensure the highest success rate in dealing with them. If a woman has had a difficult time in becoming pregnant before or has had issues with her reproductive system in the past, she may find it very hard to conceive. This could not only impact the process of conception but also hinder the ability of carrying a fetus to full term.

Throughout pregnancy, a woman must be fully aware of two very common issues that can complicate pregnancies: hypertension (high blood pressure) and blood sugar in case of gestational diabetes. These two problems are very common in pregnancies and will be monitored closely early on in pregnancy to note changes. It will help if a pregnant woman improves her diet to eliminate any potential dangers she may have when carrying her child. Additives found in many processed foods are deemed unhealthy whether you are pregnant or not. Many women rightly do not wish to subject their developing unborn child to the dangers posed by these adulterated food-like substances.

Becoming pregnant at either a very early age or at a later age in life can also contribute to complications during pregnancy. At a young age, a pregnant girl's body may not quite be fully developed to carry a baby. Additionally, at an older age, it will not only become more difficult to become pregnant (as women approach menopause) but there are higher risks involved that could result in a baby born with health issues or a condition of some sort.

Regardless of the dangers involved, as long as a woman does the best she can to stay fit and healthy, stays on a nutritious diet (preferably organic with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables) she is doing all she can do to protect her unborn child. Nature will take its course.

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