Monday, December 16, 2013

Providing Comforts to Your Post Natal Dogs

Just like the other members of the families of the fox. When dogs give birth to the young ones, they give birth to numerous puppies which are expected to grow and form a pack, this is only possible if the dogs grow up together, but man has been known to separate this numerous puppies from their brothers and sisters, hence it is the responsibility of the owner to be able to provide comfort to this animals.

But those dogs which are not taken up by man and trained tend to exhibit bad behavior which is irritating to man such as barking all the time restlessly.

In earlier years, man used to allow the dogs to stay outside with them as they worked with them when they perform their daily activities. This was very vital for these animals since they would be able to enjoy the companionship provided by man

Because of these, at the end of the day the animals would have enjoyed the companionship hence when it's time for sleeping, they could be able to sleep comfortably.

But things have changed this days, people just leave their dog outside without even playing with it or if it is doing work, they do not do any work beside them since most of the work that they do nowadays is done in the office, hence the dogs end up feeling lonely and neglected which is not good for them, in fact during the evening when people are home from work, they do not take time to spend with their dogs since they are tired with office work making the dogs to feel lonely.

Another unfair thing man also does to the animals, since he/she is tired after work, they do not take time to spend with the animals and they end up leaving them outside since they don't want to be disturbed.

But if the dog owners learn to spend time with the animals, the dogs will never feel so lonely, they in fact need that short time to know that there is somebody who cares for them and provides them companionship.

For anyone reading this article and thinks of getting a dog to keep either for security or a pet, ignoring it all the time and not spending time with it proves you are very cruel and you feel less for the animal.

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