Sunday, December 15, 2013

Husbands - What Can You Do to Help Your Wife Get Pregnant Quickly?

If you and your partner decide it is time to have a baby what can you as a husband do in order to help speed up the process?

Husbands can sometimes feel left out of the pregnancy process once their wife is pregnant but they do not have to feel left out during the process of actually becoming pregnant. If a couple has difficulty getting pregnant then most people assume that there is probably something wrong with the woman's reproductive organs but that is not necessarily the case. A man can be at fault just the same.

There are many things that a man can do to help increase the chances of his wife becoming pregnant.  

  • If the husband is a smoker have him stop smoking or using other tobacco products. This is very difficult to do but it is well worth having a healthy pregnancy and not to mention a healthy non-smoking husband.

  • Decrease the alcohol intake.

  • Take a multi-vitamin to ensure the recommended allowances of vitamins and minerals.

  • Have intercourse every 36-48 hours for the best and most viable sperm.

  • Use foreplay or vegetable oil rather than other vaginal lubricants like KY or Astroglide.

  • Wear loose fitting boxers rather than snug briefs.

  • Limit hot showers and baths.

  • Reduce the level of stress in your life.

  • Make sure to eat a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest each night.

Doing any or all of these things will help the husband increase his fertility which can help achieve the ultimate goal...getting pregnant.

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